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Are we actually independent?

We are celebrating sixty,
Yet there are no basic amenities,
Nigeria!! In her house is where I grew up,
Everyday she worsens, I am fed up.

Actually, not that I am fed up
Loving my Nation but individuals
And their never sustaining mentality
Killing the fishes till streams are empty…

Things fall apart, and when the center holds
They personally force the head and tails
To think and act in total disunity;
So her future would turn ashes on the tray.

I am fed up on individuals and how they feel
Nonchalant, not paying utility bills
Whether things are epileptic
Or functional as they seek..

I am fed up on every individual
Who live their lifespan as bandits,
Cheats, acting like an ugly vulture
Disturbing the peace of the Nation.

I am fed up on the recycling leaders
Who take turns enriching their selves
At the expense of the masses
Who are not skipping corruption classes.

©2020 https://vinzpoetry.wordpress.com
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

Fifty-nine shades of green

I know of a Nation celebrating fifty-nine
An aftermath of tears, especially mine
Daily, multitudes run away, even foetus will
Rebuke the Nation as if it were the Devil’s kill.

Obviously, this is Nigeria, anything can happen
Every independence day, makes me saddened
Evil that men did in the past is always reborn
Why wouldn’t flowers wither when the Sun is gone

Hate or love it, I’m a Nigerian to the fullness
It is not that I love the pains and the darkness
Neither is it that I can not run away but I got to know
That Nigeria is a marshmallow on many roles

Getting into the characters played by the politicians,
You and I who live lawlessly, taking a chance
Sunset and sunrise, tomorrow will be better so I feel..
No matter how thick our blankets impeding growth may be

We will one day, wake up to see we arrived
Into a city of our dreams and our strives;
Rome wasn’t built in a day, let’s get to it
And abort the years of pain, so Nigeria will be great.

Happy independence day! Nigeria

Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

Nigeria: Green baby

In four lines of greatness
Ever since the independence
Fifty seven in a sentence
Has been a whole experience.

©2017 Vinzpoetry.wordspress.com
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

Nigeria at 50 (A Golden Age)

Nigeria at 50 (A Golden Age)

Like an Ocean wave, it waves

Calling all yea who swayed

To the river-banks and overstayed

Away from the then Slave-Coast

Before now and during the days

Days when lanugo wrapped a newborn

Named not by an inbreed culture

But: River Niger flowing nonstop to the future.

A moment of silence…

To all yea who passed on for or by her sword…

Rejoice and bless us to good gospels

Nothing good and best changed in liberty-bell

The Eagle still strong as the Horses never fall

Lokoja still a confluence, along the dell

The boutique of flowers still ours in golden ages

O yes, the flag is ever Green and White.

To all yea who see these days,

Days when history’s made easily from misery

Hark back to years ago, by ego civilians and soldiers

Breathe last breath for the liberty-bell.

50 years tougher, stronger and of better wage

Arise o compatriot…

An atom now weighs more a whale

All on a golden age.


By Onyeche V.E. Onyeka

© 2010 https://vinzpoetry.wordpress.com


All great Nigeria presidents and Heroes, Colonization, Golden age, Independence Day, Late Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, Late President Yar’Adua, Liberty bell, Nigeria coat of arm, Nigeria’s golden jubilee, Nigerians overseas and dwellers, October first (1st October), President Goodluck Jonathan, and Slave coast.

Iroma !

  • Iroma,
  • Happy October
  • Do we regret or rejoice
  • Over your independence
  • When corruption, negligence,
  • And institutionalizing democracy still prevails?


  • Chukwu,
  • Our fleshy tissue freezes and heart bleeds.
  • Should your faithful servants
  • Tell the plebs
  • To stand or take on heels  
  •  As the sandy valleys turns rocky hills?
  • You haven’t failed us, but
  • The Oceans are dried lakes.
  • Fishes are strangulating and,
  • The most awful is that,
  • Big whales are comfortable
  • In the dried lakes…What do we do?


  • Iroma… Hurry up!
  • Why allow the maestros
  • Tune to your sluggish pace
  • For sunshine has turned night-rays
  • Chalk and cheese, is your
  • Progress and prolong; big rivals!


  • To succumb to the alum?
  • Osolobue! Le’
  • Look at your plebs
  • Sliding and snail-stepping 
  • Along faceless fate of the sluggish Iroma.

By Onyeche Vincent onyeka

© 2010


Iroma means snail in Ika- Delta State Nigeria.

It serve as an imagery here. Representing the Sluggish development of Nigeria.

Iroma! why have you refused

To succumb to the alum?

Chukwu, means God

Osolobue! Le’ means God! Look

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