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#28 lines of a soul gaze

Mesmerised for awhile,
Through her eyes,
I gazed at the cloud
And wadded
Through its mire and countless smile,
My gaze drove an endless mile
Deep down the devils hive.

She’s a remarkable entity,
In her eyes is a frozen moon:
Staring through
An immortal depth,
Evil in looks but a flawless sunset.
There, the full moon shone bright,
A righteous peaceful light…

The fire burnt
Cold flames of a chilling ice…
Casting out
An incorporeal essence
So real and quite intense,
From the depth
Of her lovely soul.

Inside the depth of her eyes
Goodness is her weakness,
Love is her strength…
I’m yet to find a devil
In all her joyful spots;
I stared at an Angel’s evil
Amazed by her peaceful soul.

Unintentional Existence: Baby’s Lullaby

Baby… baby, baby.
Watch the dangling dolly
As it moonwalks, from your cradle,
Craving to the waving sigh
Sing unto the sky
With your silken voice
Sorry, lullaby never meant to tease you.
You barely have a tooth
But your smile could cheer the sky.
Baby… baby, baby. 

Shadow is all over the streets,
Bikers and drivers are now on benches
Soaking fingers in spit
Calculating the day’s profits.
Mickey and Jerry the mouse
Are very busy in cracks
Tom the cat is fast asleep,
Daddy is here with you
Love the words he sings    
And discard the toadyish-voice you hear.
Time shall come when your silken voice shall be deepen    
Baby… baby, baby.

Now the visual windows are shutting
The gentle face is dancing
The busy hands and legs are dead
Dream a dream of all wonderful things
Hidden on, and beneath the dusty sands.
Learn tricks to catching butterflies
When the shadow disappears
Catch colorful butterflies
Under the hot sun and muddy soil
Mum will wash the clothes.
Baby… baby, baby.

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