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Just like the cream,
In coffee and teas,
Rises to the top,
In the glass cup…

It is conspicuous
I got a rather die
Hovering around
And over my head.

Do not get it twisted
Behind the dark clouds
The sky is always blue
When they come through…

Like a mother hen
And a mountain gorilla
Underneath the sky
Rivers never runs dry,

Whether bedazzled or not,
It is never by chance
They prepared the ground,
Grounds on which I stand.

At times I wonder,
Why I am so blessed…
I will never bend a lip
For if I were to worship

Any mortal being,
My amazing parents
Would be whom I
Would always lift high…

Don’t get it twisted
I believe in God
And I am grateful
For a heaped spoonful.

©2020 https://vinzpoetry.wordpress.com
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

Larry Of All Traits

Larry of all traits, poise, willpower and vigor
Greatness precise to harvest, he is successful
Nevertheless, behind his success is a virtuous wife
Who whispers the shrewd strategies to him at the right time.

A negro who is not ashamed of complexion and trait
Lost in the world of sincerity, loyalty, corporation
And prefers being weighed down by those who lean on him

Unlike the heat to the hottest summer
The snowflakes that drops at winter
He is the downpour in the hottest summer

However, to all, dare not the thunder in him
Instead, unleash his friendly swine
To takeover dreams and scare off nightmares

Everything he does is to perfection
Everyone to him is one and equal
Like a hen, he protects his progeny

Travels all the way through the wild forest to provide for his folks
Before harvest he sits under the friendly moon drinking and smiling
He celebrates before results; he deem not in failure
Motivating and inspiring words, an ants sees herself an elephant

His laughter so spur a dying soul to rise,
He is a high-flyer
At difficult times, he mutely thinks and never panics

Even as time acquaint
And things get faded to grey
His icon is dreading and worthy of emulation

His children so thank God above the smoky sky
For giving them father like him
Larry of all Trait, mastered of all.

     (C) 2009 <a href="https://vinzpoetry.wordpress.com">thetruepoesy</a>

written by Onyeche Vincent Onyeka

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