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A mute love letter

I woke from my lay
Thanking stars on Christmas eve
That led me right to your way;
To elaborate
Intensity warm embrace
As I truly feel within

So I took a pen
As to express, words of wise
In this kind of paradise
My black inks turn white
Expression knocked my passion
In the realm of total dark

Your sweet pretty smile
Inside my head, took me miles
To places where gardens are red
And every phrase
I pen down, seems so light
As feather and empty as leer.

None elaborates
This sugary kind of romance
As I wish to portray it,
I love you my dear
Writing you a poem is the
Most difficult thing to do.

©2017 Vinzpoetry.wordpress.com
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

Prologue: Heists

Back in time, during our school days
We were classmates and even seatmates
You were so bright like the beam of rays;
And your beauty engraved my brain…

Best of the bests, you could right a wrong
Our friendship was everday, ever so strong
Unlike an uncoated iron untrusted in salt
Mysteriously, we grew refusing to rust…

When our classes were in session,
I hardly could even pay attention
Your beautiful imagery I saw and focused
Reflecting upon the wall and class board…

With my pen and breaking pencils 
I drew roses and wrote you letters
So many kind words, at the end of it
I wrote in disguise; yours sincerely pest…

Each day you read from the ghosty pest
You told me how kind and sweet he was
Often he even sent you bouquet of roses
I smiled, while we both watered it to grow.

Every other day, I wrote a love poem
To you as pest; although I never meant
To be a perpetrator nor anonymous,
But, I wasn’t bold enough to tell you…

Trust me, it broke my heart you loved,
The other me; texting pest and telling me
I wondered why you never figured out,
The twist and turn of my swivel chair….

Tears burned through my hazy eyes
I never meant to be the daily heist
I often wish I could erase every ink
But I feared, lossing a seatmate and friend.

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