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Nichole to Nicholas (3): Consulting the gods

I can hear the cry of an Angel
Calling for the gods to decide
Or declare her fate in love
I hear her say, “heavens say;
Follow your heart, which I did”
Please tell her, I am destiny,
But a painter, coloring life…

Please tell her, I don’t intervene
In matters pertaining hearts
When God, didn’t compel Nick
Into wooing or even keeping her
As the treasure he is to find,
I am destiny, I see peoples vision
But love is blind, so to say.

If lovers are to be farmers,
Falling for her innocent soul,
Would be any farmer’s seed to sow
But I wonder why an Angel waits
In great anticipation
For the moment in time
His leaf shall cross her path.

©2018 https://vinzpoetry.wordpress.com
A Nichole to Nicholas Series by
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

Nichole to Nicholas (2): Killing an Angel

No push no shove,
Though complexion is coal
But her heart is gold
Not fine as the Dickens

But her beautiful soul
Deserves to pair
She aims to wear
His pretty crown

But his heart frowns
Waving back,
Thinking it’s love
She waves and smile…

He makes a slice
She thought otherwise;
But as an Angel
She ought to know

That his feelings for Cole
Is not dead as a dodo
Her heart he slits, hisses
And turns his face.

©2018 https://vinzpoetry.wordpress.com
A Nichole to Nicholas Series by
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

Contradictions of Love

Love is a spray
A scent, so to say
That flew away
Lost in the sway.

Particles lost
Are the ones we want
The pet that ghosts
We love the most.

Love cost no thing
But has a price tag
Reason to drag
Reason to bind.

Love is a sword,
Quite sharp and long
Cutting the cords
From a dark mind.

Not so precise
Irrespective of size
Love often slice
The cats and mice.

Love often fail
To reciprocate
They give us no
And shut the gates.

Those we don’t
Have such feelings for
Intends to stay
Come sun and rain.

Ghazal: Never love me (1)

To a lady who
Should never love me

I understand you;
You understand too

I once had
A message for you.

It’s really so hard;
My eyes rained so bad

Eachtime but
You failed to listen.

You never love,
… You never loved me.

I threw the fingers;
I made lot of signs

A love so true…

I longed to tell you;
I really loved you,

But then you were
So deaf to hear.

You never love
… You never loved me.

Vinz (2017)
(C) Vinpoetry.wordpress.com

To a lady who should… NEVER LOVE ME.

Cecilia – Chasing Shadows


Good luck chasing shadows
Good luck chasing the wind

I need a lady not a daughter
A friend and not acquittance

Heart’s playmaker, not a fighter
But one with bonds and chemistry.


I need a soulmate not any Cecilia,
Cherishing random flings on fense;

Irrespective of the beast and beauty
I need a home builder not a bulldozer

A good girl is a broken heart repairer
But in a crazy world, who will be a lover


When all appealing the heart these days
Are either seriously occupied,

Happily married, or confused,
Chasing the wind that must have a trace

Of height, thick or thin with pretty face
And white black shadow complexion race.

New year lovelorn (sonnet of lovelorn)

Five, four, three, two, one!
Happy new year
The crowd screams
While I ponder…
Over to the left and right corner
Are two toes beneath a shoulder
Seen as two but arguably one.
With contrasting words hiding facts
How can you love without a heart
Then tell me to go nude to have a bath
And not to be a pint of water wet
I’m confused on what to do
As the crowd screams, I ponder
Is this how lovers do?

Tales Of A Wife: Gillie

Funny when you have millions-
Millions of papers and friends
None as lovers in front of foes.

Frenzy emotional sounds of a triumpet
Muscles and flesh; getting noticed by pets
Nose that smells others; gillie not self
Freon frozen and a love that lies
Mountains that crawl and a valley that climbs
No fly zone with fishes and fingering that fly.

Friends forever outwardly, but foes within
Mustard and cress cultivated by lovelorn in inn
Not lovers but friends in love denied by love.
Friendship is that free run forever to the end
Magic potion not for diamonds and leads
Notice she’s in love but she chose to be
The GILLIE that never will break your heart!

Break My Heart

Please break my heart!
I’ve got a perforated heart
Through its pores, love leaks out

I scrutinize the quantum of love
In your eyes
On my bed covered with lies.

The dwarfs’ chest measures the top
Now, that the hole isn’t dug deep
Please break my heart!!

You’re sharing and giving me,
A love I’m eating on
A “non reciprocate” plate.

Please break my heart!!!
This loving causes a flatulence
Deep down my intestine it worries me so bad.

The more I think of it,
More I realize; you shouldn’t love me.
Please break my heart!!!!

True love is a two-way love
Unto the floor your love pours
On a deceitful cemented ground.

This quantum of love that you give
Shall dig and cover a 6feet grave
If you don’t break my heart.

First Law of First Love

The definition of love is preferred
In the first person you ever loved
Called first love; but let’s say gravity
Because no matter how high you are
It brings you down to the ground.

This love is great; especially
If in your smiles, foes can see
You are in love with gravity
If otherwise, it was never a love.

It greater; especially when
Gravity gives
A yes and no answer to flight
“Am I loved back
Where do I belong?”
Questions that drums out.
No confidence in this love
Sooner you advance
Advancing away from gravity.

The definition of love
Begins to evolve
From a soil
To a plant that can be grown.
No matter how
Deep inside you know
The love for gravity
Sprung without cultivation.

Farming on the lands
Lands of love
You will realise that
The definition of love
Is most preferably
While loving gravity
If otherwise, it was never a love.

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