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Resolving love conflict

Simple or made into an Elf
What is music to a born deaf?
Same question goes without tongues
Pot or Chef, who spoilt the stock?

What are perfumes without nostrils
Even when fragrance grow on trees
The soft wool would be seen as steel
If all senses had no way to feel.

Like bakers bake flours into cakes
Water seeds, love is give and take
With all of you, you should both love
Not one-sided, with push and shove

Pay concern to passion and needs
Dancing together to your hymns
Storms and rainbows demystified
Harmonise hearts, love is blind.

©2021 https://vinzpoetry.wordpress.com
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

Familiar strangers

Are we now familiar strangers?
Our silence seem to write love letters
On empty space through the louvers;
I miss you, let’s talk it over…
So we stop looking black as thunder
The patches can be fixed together
Indeed, we can grow over solders.

Are we now familiar strangers?
Dwelling hot under the collar
Seeing each other on a regular
Yet, do not speak to one other;
At times we do not seem to bother
But, even when we appear better
We are still fishes outside the water.

Are we now familiar strangers?
Instead of dwelling like lovers
Daily, we deteriorate farther
Engineering nights to become longer
If we stay forever strangers
The Sun would die becoming weaker
I am sorry, please break the borders.

©2020 https://vinzpoetry.wordpress.com
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

The lookalikes

From the rocks of all ages,
I can not distinguish
Parent birds and offsprings
New blood always become
Everything genes speak of

But how do lovers choose
A lookalike for rings,
When taking the glove off
Further bending the truth
That; “one plus one is one”

Many differ from Adam
But after knotting ties
They get two gifts in lieu
One from kids of the womb
Second comes up in grey.

I have seen a balance
From produce of unions,
Between mother and child,
Yet at the other edge
You see features of dad.

If you are Mr. Thomas
Take a walk down the park
Watch families merry
New blood always become
Everything genes speak of.

©2020 https://vinzpoetry.wordpress.com
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

Prologue : Nostalgia

I once had a painting
Giga-shades of adoring;
In a familiar surrounding…
Scrawling and crawling,

It was an hallmark glory
Of my sweet untold story;
In the years, I owned a lorry…
She was devil cute, but holy.

My crayons couldn’t surpass,
Her beauty wasn’t in disguise;
In the bittersweet of my past…
She was an art, a lady of class.

Sweet pretty face, with lashes,
Dark hairs, black to thickness;
In absence, was homesickness…
All boys longed for her fineness.

She is a diva, none can harass,
Well configured as a classic lass;
Innocent child, a righteous pass
She was like a visible colorless gas.

An uncommon beauty in class
Her fineness breaths new life
In nostalgia, she had hot sparks
That unfroze my ice-cold heart.

Every time we fight

Every time we fight,
Like a dust and a broom,
Underneath a mushroom
Is a love that can not be bent.

Yes in here, we ought
To be, a bride and a groom
A flower that bloom
Not torn, gown and suit.

In here, it all seems sweet
Outside the anteroom,
But bitter in the backroom
We put on a smile for hurt.

Every time we fight
The sun becomes a doom,
Shadows of the darkroom,
Upon our lovingly feet.

Misleading us through a path
Into a deadly grillroom
Master room turns a guestroom
Where we argue and fight-

Each other’s wrong and right;
Though lost in a showroom
That used to be our playroom
Where love bars refills the heart.

Every time we fight
We turn love into toom and loom
Magnifying microbes by our zoom
Searching for an imperial fault.

Yes in here, we ought
To be, a bride and a groom
A flower that bloom
Not torn, gown and suit.

In here, it all seems sweet
Outside the locker room,
But bitter in the backroom
Our love grows eachtime we fight.

Tales Of A Wife: You

It did amuse you catching a butterfly
Colourfully wonderful
Not willing to let go,
With a partially open hands,
All behind you blinked white
So amazing you look
Can an angel be finer than you?
When it drops, it does rises
You are the butterfly, never let go.

All for you, fire burns cold inside
Solid as a block yet gaseous I can tell
Proposing passion pleasure pain
The triple hurts like hell
Love the bumper, we may be learners
Forever; the persistence pays a lot
If we bash and get back to the wheel
For it feels like strawberry in yogurt
I hope you read this, you are the sweetest.

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