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Front of me

I so kissed
A skinny
Dark lady;
Her body thick
Like the beetles..

In my dreams
She is cool
New and fresh
Like the fall of
The morning dew…

Not until
The rings fix
The fingers;
She never stood
In front of me.

©2017 Vinzpoetry.wordpress.com
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

Somonka: Mr. and Mrs. Right

The sun shone out bright
After the flood came washing
Streams into an Ocean
And heart broken emotion
Turned into good erosion.

The past melted the times
When they came breaking the horns
It is dead and gone
The dawning of a new Sun
Mr. and Mrs Right’s turn.

Love is a sweet smell
When ordained, it rise and swell
Never burst as well…
Best men, bridesmaid, ring a bell
For these couples of sweet gel.

Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

Evolution of black homes

Thatched roofs, red muds
Journeying through loads
Off skiff sniff of air,

Black husband met wife
Drank palmwines, swore oats
And made love in huts.

Their darts on the cliff
Had a bond and grip…
More of an eclipse,

Beyond wealth and fames
Beyond grains and games
Like a seed to rain.

Now roses are withered
Now hearts have hatred..
With rings blinking red.

The home that was stiff
Now dethrones Chiefs
As love falls asleep.

The huts disappear
Along with bare trees
As a black man’s home

Have many torn foams;
With these black ladies
Plotting to break bricks.

By Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu
©2017, Vinzpoetry.wordpress.com


Let me take you to jail
Away from lawyer’s bail
Until we fade and sail;
I pray we break a leg
I pray we hatch an egg.

Please stay with me in jail
Let us trail and derail
From the reddish cocktails;
I pray for heads not tails
Hitting hammers on nails.

Oh! Come with me to jail
Let us curb and curtail
Pleasures and worldly pains
It is not bad to fail
Oh! Come with me to jail.

© 2017, Vinzpoetry.wordpress.com
Author: Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

Let’s make babies (#I)

Deep the tongue and discover new hobbies,
Lick and suck, the rigs and candies,
Baby stay home, if your blood still flows.

Deprive not a desperate man at the edge,
Hold me strong, let’s fulfill our pledge,
Unbutton our clothes, let’s create wedge.

Drill me softy, with the tips of your breasts,
Kiss me with the hint of your sweet juices,
Mount on me and ride those hips of yours.

Deep your soft sweet soul into the rivers,
Let’s experience peace of sweet lullabies
Baby, let’s make love, let’s make babies.

The Toast

For a toast, truthfulness is a candid truth teller
Nuptiality is allusion, brother and sister,
On the vovage, searching for a comforter
Debonair met beauty, as a complete stranger;

Attraction and affection, seafoods and fish
Breaking ice, stretching hands for a reach,
They both had lots to plow, lisp and preach
With a cultural heritage to learn and teach.

Together they turned the tides, to one end
So they blend, and propel things that tend
To grow in different space, race and creed,
So, they grew a connection sweet and kind.

Under the blue skies, they turned friends
Flapping birds, walking together down the aisles;
Isn’t it adorable they share same memories
Titled, together forever, on nuptial ferries.

So let’s make a toast, for two best friends
Who have seen the beast deep down a skin
Yet fearlessly paddled the ship, in dirt so clean
Commonly uncommon, for a King and Queen.

Happy married life, Ify

Walking down the broadway of life
Love is endless, so he made thee a wife…

Sisters shall stumble upon strangers
That turned friends and emotional kites

Flying in love air with armor and shields
Thy synchronized love into basic instincts,

Soulmates in love, is but an ordained title,
Seas and oceans he crossed to get to you.

Congratulations, the walls hear the jingles
And see thy bells are made of diamonds

Scavenged from an undiscovered planet,
Sent via love chariot as a wonderful template

Blessings are yours, now that you knot ties
Your home shall reflect diamonds all the time

Happy marriage life to my only sister; Ify, my blood
My first playmate and first childhood friend.


(C) April 16, 2017
Author: Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

Conquian- The pleasant past

I heard
You to wed:
Happy for your luck
So I broke a brick.

Six pillows
And cornflakes.

I danced drunk
Lost in the past.

Before The Epithalamium

When you are of age
Do you rather get a bank engage
To first block the leakage
Or catch a bird and place in cage
Then boldly turn the leather page
Gathering friends to scene ‘Marriage’
Without a gallon of fuel to get the mileage?

To me, it works with love as life empowers
And life is a counterexample employer;
It pays as demanded by its worker…
‘So give thou an huge some of naira
And thou shalt marry this era’
That is what I tell people
Whose questions comes as ripples…

Love by destitute wrinkles and crumples
By words of over-simple examples
So it isn’t a go after the nipples
Or a denial because of a pimple
Nor acceptance because of a dimple
Money builds a pillar: simple!
Wealth alone wouldn’t tear a temple.

So let me work hard for thy kin sake
To provide a pan for thy baking cake
Sleep is for the future it isn’t bad to stay awake
And restock fishes in every dam and lake
Which might not make love original neither fake
But I shall work hard for thy kindred sake
And a gallon of fuel, thou shalt not be forsake.

Tales Of A Wife: Mrs Onyeche

    The girl I would love to marry
    Must be as clean as a child
    White eyes, white teeth
    All but any coloured hide skin
    The girl I would love to marry
    Must be clean inside as out
    White heart, amazing hands
    A willing type for prosperity
    The girl I would Love to marry
    Must be serious as death
    A never over demanding like life
    Wish it is so easy to find
    The girl I would love to marry
    Must be as Jesus’s Mary
    Wish I could marry a virgin
    All eyes on us when we pass by
    The girl I would love to marry
    Must be willing to bow, loyal to
    Africa moral and biblical rules
    Well protected and un-touch
    The girl I love to marry is born everyday
    And Like Bongos Ikwe
    I’m still searching
    For my Mrs Onyeche

written by: Onyeche Vincent Onyeka
© 2012
(D²rupoesy)℠ thetruepoesy™

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