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Tales Of A Wife: Mrs Onyeche

    The girl I would love to marry
    Must be as clean as a child
    White eyes, white teeth
    All but any coloured hide skin
    The girl I would love to marry
    Must be clean inside as out
    White heart, amazing hands
    A willing type for prosperity
    The girl I would Love to marry
    Must be serious as death
    A never over demanding like life
    Wish it is so easy to find
    The girl I would love to marry
    Must be as Jesus’s Mary
    Wish I could marry a virgin
    All eyes on us when we pass by
    The girl I would love to marry
    Must be willing to bow, loyal to
    Africa moral and biblical rules
    Well protected and un-touch
    The girl I love to marry is born everyday
    And Like Bongos Ikwe
    I’m still searching
    For my Mrs Onyeche

written by: Onyeche Vincent Onyeka
© 2012
(D²rupoesy)℠ thetruepoesy™

Tales Of A Wife: Shyer

Everyone likes her
Everyman wants her
First rated, face of a goddess
Frustrating everyman’s
Her gaze is a smearcase
Don’t look or
Fall from a staircase.

She’s this type that
Everyman knows
Although she goes by different names
Sweetie, Pretty-princess
African Queen, was what 2face called her
She’s cool like a sleeping-beauty,
Her parents should have named her Baby-angel for she’s such a love muffin

Everyone likes her
Fallen from the staircase
To some ‘No’, To some ‘Yes’
Then, everyone befriends her.
She’s a man’s fondness
That soft touching,
She talks to a mans heart
With such a large effect.

Everyone likes her
Everyman wants her
Dust in the wind
Coarse thud
Non-in her voice,
Well polished and brushed
She is an Ace.

Not a dog or another loosed animal
Mere hearing her sweet voice
Or seeing her fantastic pretty face
Covered with her
Consistent long dark well-gloomed hair
Hearts be sprinter
To reach the spinster
She is a fits of laughter.

Her seduction and free sights
Get me always in sighs
Only, I say ‘hello’
She reply ‘hi’
Everyone likes her
Everyman has her
But by her
I am a shyer.

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