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Tone: Dumb Song

Rigid is the tongue
I inherited
From my grandfather;
I wish I could sing,
To explain further

No more stamping feet
No more grabbing jean
While I spill the beans
Till the whole wide world
Knows secrets we share

Though in speechless sound
Your felicitous arm
Keep me warmth inside
I still wish I could
Sing you melodies

As the piano chimes
The sounds in my head
Are but sweet playlist
Singing like a bird
Saying I love you.

©2018 http://Vinzpoetry.WordPress.com
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

Music girl

Every day
Far a way;
But so near
Here you stand;

Rocking boats
From the blue
As you sing
While I sleep

No bolt hole
To escape…
Till we meet

You must be
A studio
Or a radio
In my head…

©2018 vinzpoetry.wordpress.com
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

African dancer

In a dark night with stars
No mosquito come sucking
A sun glittering hide…

There are cold drinks in bar
A little of your sipping
The heaven you shall find.

Come and dance with me ma
You are a black entity
Whine and shake those behind

There is no another
It is you and I dancing
To the beats of our background.

©2017 Vincpoetry.wordpress.com
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

Play you a song

Photography by Irhibhogbe Ruth

I will play you a song,
For your heart to keep
And your mind to trip;
While sailing on a lonely ship.

I will play you a song,
Wool soft; a calm sheep,
Good music, candy to rip;
Sweet slow blues, cool and deep.

I will play you a song,
Sweep you off your feet
Bring goodluck not wheep;
Long lasting trot, in a music jeep.

I will play you a song,
For your heart to beep
And your beats to skip;
I’ll play you… till you fall asleep.

The sound I know

I am the vent while she’s a volcano
Erupting mantles of demon attractions

Turn a demon to a friend, says my physio
So I walked up to her, with all allergies.

She was a cool kid, so I didn’t ask for bio
All eyes were on her in highschool days.

Everyone knew her name but I call her Rio
For her voice was acoustically musical.

An exclamation to joy like zeus to io
She became a gentleman’s love addiction.

In my head, she’s my safety and presidio
A fortress protecting my unrest soul

Giving my troubled heart a healthy cardio
Affectionately flows as a blood in my vein.

In my head, she’s musically a large studio
In there I dub sweet songs, melodies by candies.

In my head, she’s a podcast and a radio
I listen all ears, carefully to her lyrics

Outside my head, she’s my sight, smell and audio
She’s the only sound, I hear, feel and know.

Melody and I

  • Oh o ho o ho o ho… Hold my hand
  • O sweet melody from the air, water and sand
  • Orchestral of comfort that I’ve  always heard
  • Long before the smooth rough passage a crying song was sang
  • Long before my femur bones grew though and long
  • Like a heart, it’s a rare kindness, that of shall I brag
  • Don’t change the sound even if she’s lost, she will be found,
  • Don’t you know, without her the birds will be dead
  • Don’t you know, without her the clouds will go blind?
  • I will be damn if the music stops to bang
  • I will stay up late all night in a pit I shall dig
  • Incase the hummingbirds refuse to sing
  • Melodies from the back of my black tougue
  • My own sugar fire, tongue of a hot fog
  • Making reality from the sounds where fantasies belong…
  • Wake up sweet sleeping melodies of peace,
  • Would the drummers stay off their sticks
  • When the set of drums produce vibrations?
  • That is an answer when the flowers shall wither, 
  • Then I will be damn if it happens while the rain is a singer.

I Still Smell You

  • Every stranger has your face
  • Everyone walks like you
  • Everyone talks like you
  • Everyone smells like you
  • Every fiber I see is you in a lace.



  • No iTunes yet your voice plays
  • A sweat playlist of all memories
  • Well shuffled in my head
  • Employed to repeating mode
  • Music takes me where words don’t.


  • Thought like season change
  • The music would end
  • I never knew steel is hard
  • I never knew building bridges
  • Is easy until I tired getting over it…


  • In every voice I hear
  • I tend to examine
  • Every eye behind the sunglass
  • Everyone smells like you
  • Yet: they not you.

By Onyeche Vincent Onyeka

© 2013 http://thethruepoesy.wordpress.com

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