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The histochemistry of my whole
Shows an history fill of grief
And tapes patching torn tissues
An hatred so cold-blooded and disgusting
Brutally descending down the ladder
Of un-nailed layered steps,
Scam and scan seen too much
That I’m scared to hide
No lie, I inherited something
A cumbersome degenerative diseases,
Its a traceable dislike
And a conflicting mindsets
Bringing forth a war of dead power
Underneath the strength of two horses
Stretching and tearing apart unity
My superiority is of the north over south
I lost my maxim
Ever since Biafra’s last orgasm
A debate for a right from birth
My histoblast’s Insurgent insurgency
Has an antidote called peace
A meal of life to stay alive
Hungry to feed, but no plate to serve.

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