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24 August 1953 (Happy birthday to my dad)

Lawrence Egun Onyeche

A breathe, on me you blew
And gave my pay a dew…
So rare, so not a few;

Blood, yet a friend,
Bond that never bends;
Type that never breaks.

My frame and my elbow
My thick wire and cable
Placed food on my table…

Sixty four more than a number
It marks an unending ladder
You are, truly a born leader

God grant your wishes today
Fail to plan, plan to fail
That’s what you often say,

I am the candle, you gave a flame
You hit the hammer on my nail
There is legacy in your name…

Today; you were a droplet,
Now you are an ocean outlet
Everyone envy your jet…

In sun, you never melt
In ice, you are so warmth
A father, heaven sent

My pride, hands on my chest!
Your voice has an impact
It is forever felt.

Hip, hip… Hurray!!! Happy birthday,
In health, long life to you; daddy
Happy birthday, to you daddy.

Larry’s Cap (Told By My Chuks Onyeche)

Onyeches are great
Kleptomania Came peaking off an art
A valuable art
From the sands of Ose’gi’

Wish I had ever seen
That Joseph you saw yesterday
Is no more today
Salty rain dropped all day

Silver spoons sowing sands
Furs and bills were all shared to all
All amongst his seeds
So custom says

So many breaths
So many taste to quench
So Larry got a cap
So ugly and old

Africa made, Agbor it stayed
Mere, poor little Larry
A cap which made many frown
A cap gotten from my grandfather

Fighting like a wounded Lion
Larry harden and bent an iron
He Ignored the parrot whistle
He ignored the cricket whistle

“Oooo my son
Larry’s cap which was a frown
Soon became a crown
A striving success in town”.

By Onyeche Vincent Onyeka
(C) 2012

written by Onyeche Vincent Onyeka

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