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Never Curse Me

Why would the Sun refuse to shine
What waste is it if in daylight the stars shine
Be careful so you don’t be next in line
Basically I am by default made to excel
Even barefooted by paths of broken bottles.

If you curse or wish me bad
Same is yours; it’s just a rebound
A reap off of an hidden moon at night.
Why wish me bad when I have a designer
Programming you exactly what you wish to me.

Get it: those that curses me are doomed…
By forces I can’t say or mitigate
The Sun has so favored me
That I am a surface that reflects her light
And nothing bad come close to me.

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Tales Of A Wife: Mrs Onyeche

    The girl I would love to marry
    Must be as clean as a child
    White eyes, white teeth
    All but any coloured hide skin
    The girl I would love to marry
    Must be clean inside as out
    White heart, amazing hands
    A willing type for prosperity
    The girl I would Love to marry
    Must be serious as death
    A never over demanding like life
    Wish it is so easy to find
    The girl I would love to marry
    Must be as Jesus’s Mary
    Wish I could marry a virgin
    All eyes on us when we pass by
    The girl I would love to marry
    Must be willing to bow, loyal to
    Africa moral and biblical rules
    Well protected and un-touch
    The girl I love to marry is born everyday
    And Like Bongos Ikwe
    I’m still searching
    For my Mrs Onyeche

written by: Onyeche Vincent Onyeka
© 2012
(D²rupoesy)℠ thetruepoesy™

As A Kid

T. Iwelumo

T. Iwelumo

As a kid

As a kid, I so much heard adages that I never understood until I grew up. The bible helped in differentiation: the good from the bad, since I was scare of going to hell. Everyone has a past that keeps hunting his or her mind. When I was ten years old, I came across three elderly men sitting beneath a tall palm tree lamenting on the past years, which they miss. The stories they told were touching that I had to shear tears with them. I never had things to think of; I played and ran around the street in pantaloons. Electricity supply was a failure hence hopscotch, football and hide and seek were my favorite games. For this present day child, computer games and movies have taken over my favorite games. My parents were neither poor nor rich yet they had a farm. I hated farm work that at then when my mother would ask my elder sister and I to carry a basket fill of cassava from the farm to the house, we would wonder why a mother would be so heartless subjecting her own little children to such stressful hard work for little did we know it was part of the parental care, and she loved us. Keeping things hide or hair of course, I never hesitated to half my basket as I walk through the lonely path. I learnt pounding fufu by force. At then the mortar always ran as I stroke the pistil crushing the yam; so I would summon all my younger ones to get hold the running mortar. My dad never made mistakes giving me multivitamins whenever I leave for school and I also never forgot to deposit it in the waste bin as soon as I got to school.
There are many things on earth that exist crystal clear, but we realize only when we fail. When I was ten, I made a bet with a friend. The bet was called hit and fall. Anyone who succeeds in striking down his opponents’ property would own it. A very good sport I felt as I made success claiming his stuffs. At that year, my mum had a store. One day he came to buy sweats, as I picked up to sweat cup to give him his articles, he stroke it down.
Of course, that was my mums’ stuff; I fought hard with him until the neighbors came. They separated us and reported the case to my mum when she came back.
I was thinking I just saw the sunlight for the last time and was annoyed that I wouldn’t have a befitting burial as I was a bad kid. So surprising she did not beat me up like other days, but yelled and scared the living soul off me. This narrow path seems not worthy but it is the generator of my decency.
The past plays a major role in the present that if there is something I would not dear for the love I have for my mother; it is gambling.

Tales Of A Wife: First Outing With A Love

First outing with a love,
What a color combination that makes the stars glow.
Glittering, she forced me into smile when I drifted mood.
Sweet surrender, a moment I treasure that I dream when I am not sleeping
My impulse as loud as the earth-quaking ground
Love at the beach appears as that of the hottest summer even when in winter
Like sea animals, we played in the water that the fishes so admired
All for love, the salt has turned hydrophilic
Wet, I watched her swim; she is a fish
Refraction could understand our desires that it made her appear closer
As I touched her, I felt the electron discharge; she is filled of current
Mermaid she appeared as she cat-walked out of the waterside
Face glittering like the stars, she adores
As she swung her long dark hairs, she sterilized the air
No germs, I inhaled love
I couldn’t withstand her seductive slow cat spinning waist
She got me lost in ecstasy daydreaming and thinking brainlessly.

(C) 2008

written by Onyeche Vincent Onyeka

Our Descendance

I can tell of a teen
As was upon a time
A time ago
Long ago
It has always been enticing
Yet slapping as lime.

Love in a multi-task option
Love rolls in give and take
But there will always be
The Lovelorn and sweet sixteen
The eleventh man and affection
’tis in our descendants

Handling situations
Of the past in present
Seen it all but not the future
Cause something anew
Comes every seconds
But in him her fears are less

She sees their hands in hands
Such things and smiling faces,
Caps and scarf turns black to white
Two to three, eventually flat wheels
Funny how time flys
Their children cry.

…But we feel happy
Somatic beneath the Earth
Side by side in ghost
Overcoming our demons we stay aside
Watching the great lineage
We created… Our descendant!

By Onyeche Vincent Onyeka
(c) Nov 3rd 2011
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I’m so O
Empty within
Empty deep hole

I’ve got an empty eye socket
I’m made of no ligaments and joints
Heart by the right
No blood but Organic solvent
And ink
What more can I think
When clammy smells great
Or is my empty mind sick?

Mindless, somatic claded love
A delirious Love
That scares even a dove
A delirious love of a teen rain
Decending on a naked me
Who lies on his empty winter bed.

By Onyeche Vincent Onyeka
(c) 2011

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All About I

Planing progress I learnt from my Parents
Trust no one, valueable friends by the board
Self Consciousness I learnt from my bonded siblings
Heart breaking, love taught me well
In hard way I point deftly at the chalk board
So many shed in a water board
Dusters and easers hankies get wet.

Latent Chess moves, life point out well
Enemies are steve, but act cat eyed
Heaven or hell, its always a misery
Self independence I learnt from Biochemistry
Creativity and Poetry comes naturally
Loyalty is that I learnt from serving Nigeria
God provide a flight for my broken wing days.

By Onyeche Vincent Onyeka

(c) 2011 http://onyecheonyeka.wordpress


There’s no much room
Merriment’s a pyre restroom
Of which the sand’s roomy.

Tolerance and vengeance
Mario is deprived
Of a mushroom jump

The dead pyretic ground’s roomy
Mario that you dog’s
Of you and in you.

By Onyeche Vincent Onyeka

(c) 2011 http://onyecheonyeka.wordpress

By Onyeche Vincent Onyeka

(c) 2011 http://onyecheonyeka.wordpress

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