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Celebrate my love

Jesus is to Christmas day
What you are to today!
Why wouldn’t I celebrate?

I will like to let you know
That you worth more than gold
Why wouldn’t I celebrate?

Your beauty is both in and out
Our family is blessed to have you
Why wouldn’t I celebrate?

You are my natural Highness,
And my sweet comforter
Why wouldn’t I celebrate?

Even this birthday smiles,
Because you are amazing
Why wouldn’t I celebrate?

Cheers to my lovely wife,
Today kick starts a greater height
Happy Birthday to you my love!

©2020 Http://vinzpoetry.wordpress.com
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

Like tall palm trees

The journey began as a joke
Till giant strides together yoked,
And there we stood, exchanging vows
Inner me smiled, exclaiming; wow !!!

Like a palm tree gallantly firm
Amidst the dust, and in the storm
Growing so tall, far from a fall
Never scared of heavy down pour

Instead making rich palm wine sap
And thick red oil that never slaps
May we never be affected
By seasons, no matter how red.

©2019 https://vinzpoetry.wordpress.com
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

Sonnet: Vinify 19 (My wedding day toast)

Purple and silver
Everyone glitters
April twentytwo
Today I walk down
The Aisle, is the
Beginning of bliss;
Sweet vinify wine

Happy we wear
Walking on air;
So crystal clear
Two destined hearts;
Fusing as one
So shall it be;
Till eternity.

#vinify 19

@2019 http://vinzpoetry.WordPress.com
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

Vinify: Goodwill Message

Oh we wanna thank y’all
For putting smiles on our face
For giving our slide a wedge
Without you, it would be flaw.

Y’all must have seen the ducks
Swimming over dirty muds
Swimming with no drop of sweat
Like victory comes out of luck.

But underneath the surface
Are their webbed feet paddling
Relentlessly to succeed
Yet such, shows not on their faces..

Y’all have been those webbed feet
Great foot soldiers, taking all
For our day to have a lift
Thanks, for making us stand tall.

©2019 https://vinzpoetry.wordpress.com
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

This year’s fear

This year bore the low and high
Tearing down flames in the sky.
But I swam like sharks through tides
Beneath the oceans, no fears to hide.

Though trespassing, I had churns
Thrusting up, to face the fears
But I made whirlwinds to turn
By telling myself never to burn.

©2018 https://vinzpoetry.wordpress.com
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

Autobiography of me

I knew the world was so cruel
I spent more than nine months
In the potty womb of my mother
Innocent me, in exculsion for any other.

I was born on a sunday, true
I’m religious, but it’s not my fighting words
I believe solely in God and no other
My life is but series of events in His order.

I was born in October, with no clue
Twelve forty five to be precise
I see life as a battle for a soldier
Fighting his very own life with eachother.

I didn’t choose black or blue
I’m not my hairs, leather, rubber and size
Life is bright, but I was born a thinker
Like my father, finding ways to make dull brighter.

I’m a Deltan, from a blood, pure and true
Flowing through the streams of Africa price
Acquring degrees, one after an other
A sucker of lies, deciet, hatered and fake lover.

I feel lonely at times, many and few
Will wish me down, but I do always arise
I’ve walked roads, wider and narrower
Honestly, all man is a brother and sister.

I’ve walked through fogs, mist and dew
Pleasure and pain, fire hot and cold ice
I’ve been backstabbed by my own shoulder
For I’m eager as greatness, and I don’t bother.

Exams I failed most in life, are those I knew
Each time the phone rings, it turns the dice
I cheer up always even in dreams and when I’m sober
Because on earth, I’m nothing but a humble traveller.

An Okiti Pigeon

Awful for worst, I gave the door a shove
Up in the sky, I sighted a white dove
Flying from the eye of Ubulu kingdom
Okiti precisely, “please don’t be dumb”
She corrects saying “even dove do cry”
Flapping across my hearts beneath where lies
The disputes of warm hatred and fainted lovelies…

That occupied the rooms meant for a mans ego
Frightened by no getaway nor an Eagle
She flew straight into my emotionless cove
Arhh!!! She cares, could this be love…?
Or the dreamt unity of a troubled kingdom
She has this sound, just like a fife and drum
As it plays, I see no impurities in her soul shingle…

Peace in love and more to come…
Not only in the sky should thou roam
Come into my abode and troubled home
Paddle me into an ocean from my lake
Take my heart and bake me a cake
Cook all soups on love recipe book
The face of fate, sings of a dove from above.

Vinx Onyeche

I adore what is and isn’t of nature
I praise crazy thoughts and inventories,
The sciences, arts and technologies
The beautiful things created now shall be gone
Though to return for nothing is new under the Sun
Yes I know but only with my shades on.
For I always have this nurtured feelings:

“On Earth, the best discoveries
Are yet to come,
It hides in every Child unborn,
Lost in the wet bathrooms,
Right in front of the reflecting mirrors
It wonders in the dreams of men,
Forgotten at the sight of a new dawn.

It’s sang as songs not recorded or heard
Black and white, written on papers
Then turn and often burnt to ashes
Because the World sees it as scraps”
I adore terrific manifestation of nature
Yet I am scared of the ugly vulture
When it peaks off the realization of dreams.

  • Vinx Onyeche

Ode: Whispering tears

In my growing blissful life
Poetry got her justice,
Biochemistry speaks in metabolism
This two girls attracts angels to earth
But decisions in a dilemma are irrational
The Devil cries in whispers.

PVC I gaze;
Searching for Einstein’s masterpiece
Anything: cowrie or white chalk
Day and night she stares at me
While I bang and yell for
Biochemistry to open the door.

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