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Nigeria: War to peace

The hustles and
Demands of life
Has made all fail
Ethics and right,

But hey young one,
Please blame us not
For not fixing
The roads rightly

This is your time
Stop the placards
You are the man
Behind the mask

Our time is past,
When gush of bloods
Were all we rushed;
Please do better.

Please do not say,
We betrayed her
We were serving
Though starving her

We realize we
Failed the system
Badly, underneath
The surface of act

The skulls we counted,
Are already gone
But you all can
Avoid repeat…

We love her too
Dear, Nigeria
We were soldiers
….Please be civil.

©2019 https://vinzpoetry.wordpress.com
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

Ode of earth

Can I crave your indulgence
To take you all, back in time
When the world was large and just
A virgin newly formed from dust…

Ancients we may name her now,
Then, She was freshest of nouns
For everything about her body
Had the taste of milk and honey.

Treasures and laws; irregular orders
Hence, for fleshy greed of genders
She became as loosed as a mush.
Didn’t the Creator stand and watch,

While emperors ripped and tore her pants
Grabbing all her succulent body parts
Ramming and raping her brutally….
Well; She spread and moan in jubilee.

All the ill they did her, She did not charge
They even stole her lands, wide and large
Building up the wealthy family roots
While the pure and just, fell and rot.

The ancient days, that once were
Filed its knives for striping her wears
And when they did, she echoed their tales
Singing; great warriors, who never fell.

Innocent necks these great warriors slit
She called weaklings, cowards, and unfit.
To all their tears that came in as flood
She open her mouth and swallowed the blood.

From colored dye, time removed the chrome
Like menstrual cycles; her off has come
The echoes of her voice now resounds
No more violence please, no more bloods

Seems she has seen all parts of the movies
She now distinguishes friends and enemies
Coming to her full senses about existence
She speaks against excuses and false pretense

For these current days, the terrorist
Have same fanatical mayhem mentality
That emperor of ancient rocks had swung
But She says, I’m time, I always change.

©2019 http://Vinzpoetry.wordpress.com
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

Feelings underwater

All faunas underwater,
Have this beaut, wonder built
Scales and gills, tails and fins
Swimming sweet, without sweat.

When I am, faced with ham
Going far, without cars
On the verge I submerge
Without breath, far from death.

When I float, I feel light
When I sink, I just blink
Swing my limbs, move my arms
Then I swim, like fish twin

Most often, I shuffle
It all seems, worries sleeps
Do you feel, peace I feel
Unfiltered, underwater.

©2018 https://vinzpoetry.wordpress.com
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

Lament of a creator

I created a ball around orbits
Different points varied in heat
Also, by cold; on same region
I placed two folks, opposite sex
Same skin, same hairs and I was served…

But their children, explored the ball
And lost in touch of their parents
And that they thought on origin.
Each that settled on vary spots
Was changed by cold and toned by heat.

They all forgot the one language
Of peace, and love their parents spoke
And they called me different names.
As their roots changed, did their believes
Now my image has many names.

They oppress different linguist
They shove themselves for tradition
They fight themselves hurting sisters
Killing brothers all in my names
And the culture they even lost.

If they understood, that there is
A common link and origin
They would not fight, but who would learn
Or listen to my loud thunder cry
And feel my sorrow when it rains…

Even when I tell then, the blunt truth
On origin of tribes, and the strides
That brought about different skins,
Hairs, languages and religions
They will still call me a fake god.

Whereas I am still the creator
And they, the product of my hands
Who prefer to use my name but
Searching for me they throw me out
When they get close to finding me.

©2018 https://vinzpoetry.wordpress.com
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

Refrain for peace

Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Buddhist and others
Battle over an ideology tagged by doctrines…
Killing one another; I can’t take it no more.
I am a soloist, singing hello o hell no…..
Please join me and refrain; hello o hell no.

Over the world, in your homes or neighbors
An invisible enemy; poverty and hunger,
Keeps winning as children are dying
I am a soloist, singing hello o hell no…..
Please join me and refrain; hello o hell no.

Parents are crying, yet you fight over doctrines
That were here in rock of ages before you were born.
And would still be, after you are gone
I am a soloist, singing hello o hell no…..
Please join me and refrain; hello o hell no.

Without life there will be no doctrine reader,
Yet for the doctrine, you rake and take lives;
When all doctrines have some common lines
I am a soloist, singing hello o hell no…..
Please join me and refrain; hello o hell no.

The world is older than you, the Creator sees
So practice that you preach, show love to one another,
Irrespective of denominations, cultures and traditions…
I am a soloist, singing hello o hell no…..
Please join me and refrain; hello o hell no.

©2018 https://vinzpoetry.wordpress.com
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

The Conscience

Drop the weapons, I know a place
To find the best of militaries
No need for forces, jets or marines

Laws or jury; I know a place
To find a court, with best of judges
No need for words, refrain of oaths

Alters or mats, I know a place
To find a temple and preacher
No need for scrolls or holy books

That such a place, is the conscience
Residing in us, day and night
Critic of ill moves that we make.

If we betide it on high regards
The world would be a better place
No crime, no war, but peace and bliss.

Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

Tone: Love and shine

Amazing how the stars are aligning
Night and daytime; in the sky above.
No hate, no envy, they are just shining
Awe… please tutor me how to love.

Admit me in the galaxy’s love creche
Starting from bottom, even a play-class;
So I can learn asterisks from the scratch
Awesomely; all it takes, to love and shine.

Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

Unwise war

When a music is heard
Coming from speakers
Devices, or the mouths,
Perception is to dance.

Jiggling asses, and heads
Normal people will dance
But the music we play
Only causes us to fight.

Life is a seating
Examination of breath;
The world isn’t a city
But a small village…

For these, battles fought
For digits of ivories
And these walls we build
Isn’t a win-win war.

©2018 https://vinzpoetry.wordpress.com
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

Off the beaten track

Who broke into the stores on the street
If it is not a black man he is bleached
And who pulled the trigger in the club
It must be a black man’s gun or a toy,
Hence he is chained and wasted in bangles
Wandering from breaking news and wounds
Bleeding to the vice of lights that mingle
With complexions attracting word called evil.

Oh yes…! On the outer I am so black
But my soul goes off the beaten track
Throwing love towards the fires of flaw
Waiting patiently to regain the floor,
Not because I am so scared of war
But because the rainbow has all…
Hence I show the world pleasant flavor
And not a storm of an awful odour.

© 2018 https://vinzpoetry.wordpress.com
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu
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