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Heard you’re scared
Of being single
And so desperate
Hence want to mingle.

Menopause is coming
Any man, you pray..
Sister, a fretting care,
Turns hairs to grey.

Angel or Demon
To you, ring assures
Desperate times calls
Desperate measures

I wish you see,
The bigger picture…
Wedding in haste
Is repent at leisure.

Take your time sister
Till ring and rose find you;
There are soulmates
For everyone; dear sister.

@2019 http://vinzpoetry.WordPress.com
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

The Prose of a blind date

Kept in touch
For weeks now
On growing bonds
That is forever new.

These internet affections
Bridge separate towns
Deep down, even from afar
The emotions are much.

Let’s meet now
So we know the yes and no
And put an end to this
Before it gets too far.

Epic – Rainbow Berets

I see no reason to get involved,
But in this part of the world;
Thunder make noise that bleeds
Through non-existing sounds.

I’ll be a man for the sake of my kindred
Not for a fool or confraternity coward
Who reads into every colour creed.

By the rainbow road
Above the sky is blue:
When I’m in all yellow,
I reflect fashions not halo.

If I trend a path of you
I’m sorry is what I’ll tell you,
For colors are meant for use.

White, brown, green or red
Cultist, don’t get mad at me:
God created the rainbows too…
Say no to cultism, let my color muse.

To hell with your beret coloured head
Stop taking pride in the shamefulness of bad
And let my rainbow muse.

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