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Old man failure

With great pleasure a dog dug a grave
It snuffed out not treasures but a rage
Coming from dried bones of rock age.

Lamenting on how they had all failed
Cutting across, mirrors, lenses and led
Refracting the light, visions they bend.

No silver spoon but unfavorable genes
Coming deep from tall ancestral trees
Posthumous clear, regrets never cease

Life gave guns as toys, they sort for lucks
From drugs and scam in school of hard knocks
And as the twig bends, they planted on rocks.

Lack of persistence got them no win
No self discipline they were never clean
Not through self efforts, they gained power from bins

In all their positions, intemperance;
Procrastination, were their best friends
Until it lured them to undesirable ends.

Many an old man, has past they wish to rewind
Where they built glass castles on empty cloud
Throwing stones, hitting floors regretfully loud

Remember time ticks fast, it isn’t yours to own
And the living body you wear is but only a loan
For the old man failure stays with him to bone.

©2019 https://vinzpoetry.wordpress.com
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

Unintentional Existence: Gnash Not Your Teeth

  • Life a series, children grows to reproduce
    Existence so tragic, she, and her teen give up the ghost.
  • Nature is not blameworthy
    For creating the moment in time
    Of disappointment or delay
    Nor tragic tales with fascinating commencement
  • Save for, nature maybe question for verve
    For the devil is for eternity happy in bereave
  • Man be charge of your prosperity
    Blame not any untold prophesies
    For not prophesying on existence and extinction
  • Never subject the rain it is her season
    To drop and pay dividends to the oceans
    Although it crashes the sailors’ prime ship
    Do not forget it is the initiator of harvest
  • Nor blame the sun who prepares the earth for harvest
    Gnash not your teeth for harvest
    Life is not always flourishing
  • (C) 2009
    The True Poesy written by Onyeche Vincent Onyeka

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