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Tales Of A Wife: So Many No

The windowpane binds
And holds on to the glass
To the very dead end
Despite the dust and friction
Love is such a good thing
Song writers sing

Some answers fly like a jet
All on high hills, wonderful hips,
Kissing lips and all the same hair net.
Adorable apple-bottom for a clarinet
Most remarkable forget not her lovely step
Which never wait for a lagging clock.

Not only her even many after her
The kings’ daughters along bush parts
Farms, gardens and down the same roads.
First, a passion of across loves oceans,
Then the passion flies in air
But in one direction

She has this voice similar to hers
A smile similar to frown
A Kings dream for a lady in a crown
She is the thousands in town
Same rider of different horses
Shouting so many no.


Shakespeare’s love suffixes

A poet poetaster,

Attractive disaster

Desirable “Juliet-ana”

Changing language

Admirer’s savage

The owner’s beverage.

A “love-ator”

That Romeo died for

On a romantic “down-fall”,

Wiping the cold-tears

Forever in the heart

“Love-an”, Juliet call him.

Her forever “love-atic”

Shakespeare would call it love-dogmatic

For it’s a simile to the fish and aquatic.


love suffixes

Written by    By Onyeche Vincent onyeka

© 2010


Based on William Shakespeare Story (Romero and Juliet), these verse laments on love using Romero and Juliet as an Imagery. Most of the suffixes used are grammatically wrong. However, with the Poetic license, they are use to rhyme in lines. Such words (suffixes) are:

-ana: Collected items or information pertaining to a subject. (As in Victoriana).

-ator: One that does a thing or art in a way.

– an: on that is from, belongs to. (As in Italian; European; Nicaraguan; Reptilian).

– atic: Of or the nature of. (As in dogmatic; aquatic)

All these were an extra in:





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