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Acceptable apology

Wonder why it feels genuine
Tasting same as when brand new
Wonder why you act childish
Over something of no hitch
It is love and it is sweet!

Why ignore hello and hi
When you are weak to say bye
Why create steams over an ice
Criticizing cats and rats
Fighting for their own cravings.

Wonder why it feels genuine
Tasting same as when brand new
Wonder why you act childish
Over something of no hitch
It is love and it is sweet!

Forget who is wrong or right
There are better ways around
Why pull wools over your eyes
Locking yourself in a cage
When there are no blood nor scares

Wonder why it feels genuine
Tasting same as when brand new
Wonder why you act a fool
Over something clear to you
It is love and it is sweet!

And even when it hurts you
Sorry said several times
From the apple of your eyes
Shouldn’t be left by the side
Until hell begins to melt.

(C) 2021 http://Vinzpoetry.Wordpress.com
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

A character in her fantasies

There is a place somewhere I rather be
Not in the paradise of destructive bees
Nor amongst lost souls wiggling in thrills
Until my dust is laid, the place I shall be…

It is like a music note, in clouds it streams
With trillion views of slow traveling beams
Quenching darks shadows outside and within
Entrapped, yet free to possibilities of dreams

An elephant when felt, tasting like nectar, flat like leaf
Yet an invincible spot is where I crave to live
Somewhere outside the corners of common reality
Where eternal bliss is the nitty-gritty

In the expression of thoughts and fantasy
No public display nor dare need of human eyes to see
Me living a life, mediocre or not but in satisfaction
As the main character in my woman’s imagination

In her wildest dreams is where I rather be
At the core of the nectar and honeybees
Affectionately kissing and cuddling her for real
Until my dust is laid, in her fantasies I rather be…

(C) 2021 http://Vinzpoetry.wordpress.com
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

Underneath her web

She’s as thick as a beetle
As fearlessness as a battle;
Big, her boldness protrudes,
Like appendages of the spiders.

She’s not the cover blankets
She’s my lovely guidian angel,
Underneath her shiny soft arms
Is a bulletproofed room, I dwell.

When it shines or rain
She sets up an umbrella
To cover my labile medullar;
Underwing, my sorrows drain.

She’s my lovely superhuman-girl,
Her stories I often write and tell
In poetries, she’s a sound of the bell
Alarming from the flames of hell.

Underneath her sticky webs
I feel safe and free from preys.
She has this cruelty combinations
Of patience, and creative powers.

She’s a phenomenon woman on fire
My lover and eternal Chandler
My Angel and life sweetener…
Safer I feel, underneath her arms.

Spark in my heart

  • Verse I

Several brilliant rays
Raced from the outer space
In full velocity into the dark.

From the sun they all fell
To hit and swallow me in hell
None could, so the story tell.

With a cloak of light,
You stroke my heart
And left a spark on every cell.

  • Verse II

Even in my nerves,
For every glitter, attention got
Affection alot.

Amazingly, you were not the first
But you got into my heart
With an unspeakable radiance,

You defined my every existence…
Bringing out flawless perceptions;
You swept me off my feet in turns.

  • Verse III

Swimming in the cloak of your rays
I travelled through the moon
And landed in the sun.

No doubt, you’ve lit
An eternal flame
Now it twinkles like the stars,

Up in the sky, before you came,
Without you, my soul was dark
But now my heart has got your spark.

The Prose of a blind date

Kept in touch
For weeks now
On growing bonds
That is forever new.

These internet affections
Bridge separate towns
Deep down, even from afar
The emotions are much.

Let’s meet now
So we know the yes and no
And put an end to this
Before it gets too far.

#16 lines before my eyes

On an insulated road
Of many no
My rejection streak you ended at a go,
With affections on a throne of gold.

You found my heart frozen in the snow
Scattered it was, but I saw you try
Wrapping up the ice and then I cried
“This is love”; you said before my eyes.

I have never known a love like this,
That renews and never grew old.
I’ve been on the old rail and road
Until you came and

Took off the dust, now I’m a star and
You are my bright
Your love is the light,
That shines before my eyes.

#28 lines of a soul gaze

Mesmerised for awhile,
Through her eyes,
I gazed at the cloud
And wadded
Through its mire and countless smile,
My gaze drove an endless mile
Deep down the devils hive.

She’s a remarkable entity,
In her eyes is a frozen moon:
Staring through
An immortal depth,
Evil in looks but a flawless sunset.
There, the full moon shone bright,
A righteous peaceful light…

The fire burnt
Cold flames of a chilling ice…
Casting out
An incorporeal essence
So real and quite intense,
From the depth
Of her lovely soul.

Inside the depth of her eyes
Goodness is her weakness,
Love is her strength…
I’m yet to find a devil
In all her joyful spots;
I stared at an Angel’s evil
Amazed by her peaceful soul.

#18 lines of a moon-smith

We may not know the value
Of the minas of Gold
And shekels of silver.

Love is an intense light
That gets us amazed
And delighted.

In darkness of hatred
Can’t subdue its presence.

It stems from the bottom foot
Through the innermost liver,
It shines red and white roses

And reflects through the eyes
The burning of the heart
As an intense light.

We are all “moon-smith”
Someday, we would mould
A fullmoon of love.

Conquian- The pleasant past

I heard
You to wed:
Happy for your luck
So I broke a brick.

Six pillows
And cornflakes.

I danced drunk
Lost in the past.

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