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Underneath her web

She’s as thick as a beetle
As fearlessness as a battle;
Big, her boldness protrudes,
Like appendages of the spiders.

She’s not the cover blankets
She’s my lovely guidian angel,
Underneath her shiny soft arms
Is a bulletproofed room, I dwell.

When it shines or rain
She sets up an umbrella
To cover my labile medullar;
Underwing, my sorrows drain.

She’s my lovely superhuman-girl,
Her stories I often write and tell
In poetries, she’s a sound of the bell
Alarming from the flames of hell.

Underneath her sticky webs
I feel safe and free from preys.
She has this cruelty combinations
Of patience, and creative powers.

She’s a phenomenon woman on fire
My lover and eternal Chandler
My Angel and life sweetener…
Safer I feel, underneath her arms.

Spark in my heart

  • Verse I

Several brilliant rays
Raced from the outer space
In full velocity into the dark.

From the sun they all fell
To hit and swallow me in hell
None could, so the story tell.

With a cloak of light,
You stroke my heart
And left a spark on every cell.

  • Verse II

Even in my nerves,
For every glitter, attention got
Affection alot.

Amazingly, you were not the first
But you got into my heart
With an unspeakable radiance,

You defined my every existence…
Bringing out flawless perceptions;
You swept me off my feet in turns.

  • Verse III

Swimming in the cloak of your rays
I travelled through the moon
And landed in the sun.

No doubt, you’ve lit
An eternal flame
Now it twinkles like the stars,

Up in the sky, before you came,
Without you, my soul was dark
But now my heart has got your spark.

The Prose of a blind date

Kept in touch
For weeks now
On growing bonds
That is forever new.

These internet affections
Bridge separate towns
Deep down, even from afar
The emotions are much.

Let’s meet now
So we know the yes and no
And put an end to this
Before it gets too far.

#16 lines before my eyes

On an insulated road
Of many no
My rejection streak you ended at a go,
With affections on a throne of gold.

You found my heart frozen in the snow
Scattered it was, but I saw you try
Wrapping up the ice and then I cried
“This is love”; you said before my eyes.

I have never known a love like this,
That renews and never grew old.
I’ve been on the old rail and road
Until you came and

Took off the dust, now I’m a star and
You are my bright
Your love is the light,
That shines before my eyes.

#28 lines of a soul gaze

Mesmerised for awhile,
Through her eyes,
I gazed at the cloud
And wadded
Through its mire and countless smile,
My gaze drove an endless mile
Deep down the devils hive.

She’s a remarkable entity,
In her eyes is a frozen moon:
Staring through
An immortal depth,
Evil in looks but a flawless sunset.
There, the full moon shone bright,
A righteous peaceful light…

The fire burnt
Cold flames of a chilling ice…
Casting out
An incorporeal essence
So real and quite intense,
From the depth
Of her lovely soul.

Inside the depth of her eyes
Goodness is her weakness,
Love is her strength…
I’m yet to find a devil
In all her joyful spots;
I stared at an Angel’s evil
Amazed by her peaceful soul.

#18 lines of a moon-smith

We may not know the value
Of the minas of Gold
And shekels of silver.

Love is an intense light
That gets us amazed
And delighted.

In darkness of hatred
Can’t subdue its presence.

It stems from the bottom foot
Through the innermost liver,
It shines red and white roses

And reflects through the eyes
The burning of the heart
As an intense light.

We are all “moon-smith”
Someday, we would mould
A fullmoon of love.

Conquian- The pleasant past

I heard
You to wed:
Happy for your luck
So I broke a brick.

Six pillows
And cornflakes.

I danced drunk
Lost in the past.

Pint of love

​Give me a pint of love,
And I shall rise high above
Flaws… be it hard, soft or abusive,
Not a whale-size but an alcove
Platonic, realistic and approve.

Give me a pint of love
A type that may not be crave
Or defensive but a type I can’t drive
When moving peaceful like a dove
Connecting to creek and exclave.

Give me a pint of love
Not extortive and not explosive
A type you wish to see and have
Tiny but thick in its’ small hive
A love simple but radioactive.

Give me a pint of love
One practiced and not imaginative
Not enslave but engraved in self-innovative
A type refilled anew and not imitative
A love not hyper but mildly reactive.

Give me a pint of love
Impressive not implicative
A type that grows infinitive
Far from fall and not inexpressive
A love full of initiative.

Give me a pint of love
Refreshing daily as sweet as an inquisitive-
-Knowledge, and cool as an ice of ages
Not weak but pint yet intensive
In doubt it shall be motivative.

Give me a pint of love
A love that maybe nano not negative
A love not blocked but penetrative
A love simple and radioactive
Give me that sweet pint of love.

Ode of Josh: The Odds Were Right

Josh is a man guided by dreams,
God above always answers his prayers,
So he prayed for and had her on his palms.
It was all for affection: he was in love,
But in his dreams was a fading glow
Disapproving lights from the glove.

‘I had a dream last night’, he said to her…
‘What did you dream’ asked her
But he couldn’t respond definitely to her.
For his dream had her disapproved by swans
The odd was against her: silent white lies
Said all there was to say; in love games…

He didn’t seem it very important
He kept on digging holes for an ant
To store love: on earth there is not a saint…
Who hasn’t sinned for no man is purer
No… no.. not even one, now and forever
So against the odds he held on to his lover…

They both grow fonder, higher on love tree
And they both walked on each others heel
Everyday he played and prayed on his kneel.
He had God blessed his palm on the wheel
But Each time he was with her, slow on hill
Were a bad omen! until she cut off the tree..

Taiwo her ex, resurrected from underworld
Surprisingly, her lies sprung up from the ground.
Ashamed, she flew while in hush Josh watched…
Front and back, up in the sky she flew disoriented
Because she loved two men: so she sat on the fence
Pulling the trigger deliberately, Josh hence…

Reminded her that there is that one…
…Special soul mate for everyone…
She isn’t, but a mismatched consonant preceding an.
Love comes naturally: Taiwo she chose without a fight
For the moment she left, the glow became bright
Josh then smiled saying: ‘the odds were right’.

Tales Of A Wife: Her Plaint Body

At the front of her
She has got that thing
That makes you feel
You are in a state of defrost
Permafrost or a frozen hell.
Then if she passes by
I swear
You will hail sunshine.

Like a willing perdition,
Тake me through hell
So long she’s there,
It is a painless pain
Pick and mix
Spectacular compliment: Sure it is!
Her body is a case
That gets a plaintiff busy.

Plethora fine,
She’s a blissful nightmares
Her body is
A keen evil philanthropist
Petrified is ugly where beautiful she is
So cute like the dickens,
Aphrodite picks up a pen
What’s the ingredient of her fine?

With tangs of flowers,
The doves fly around her:
Oh! what a beauty;
That withers the root of setback
Without a mirror,
No eye sees itself
But her case is out of the shelf.

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