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Unrest Soul: Man & Gods

He created the world
Hiding wisdom
But buried knowledge above and beneath the sands.

Man finds it
Man began to raise a tower
Unity in curiosity they grew taller

Pointless words He cursed the tongues
Point zero all efforts returned
Out of the blue, Adam’s adopted wisdom grew

Miracles of life; science & technology
Socrates & Aristocrat gene preserved:
So chemicals can make anything including life?

Mans’ problematic
Isn’t doubting if God exist
It just asking; ‘how?’ like mathematics

Inherited down the genre of Einstein
The tower of Babel was ancient
Technology can get man to heaven

Seeking to evade; probably see Him:
Soon maybe tomorrow, it shall be
A bloodbath: a battle of Man and Gods.

Unrest Soul: Man’s hand

You never appreciate the hands of man
Until you see above the stoves and pan
The volume of water his basket can fetch
Standing on an eclipse endlessly search
For answers beyond the daylights glow
Sailing through the night on easy flow.

A sheet to a sheet the longer the rod
Stronger when he fight for no land
Knowing fully well the eclipse is large
With the thumb he makes his home
Independent of the torchlight from God
Evading shadows of impossible to dead-end

Come and explore, the wonders of men
Then when the world was younger
If I had put this in prayers,
Would you have said even a faint amen?
With all this his hands is an empty crate
Tagged ‘the Creators creation also creates’
Well, maybe not from the lips.

Native Fly: Biochemistry

Of which I study
Results never encouraging
Should I be bionic
For you to accept wit
Day and night
Robber of an off day
No rest
My witty wit been dead beaten
Oh … Biochemistry; It is not that am lazy
Back in space remember
Remember, my forefathers never studied
Yet they knew the usefulness of flavones
Including consequences of starvation
And added vegetables to their dishes
Genetics and traits
Its bug is demonic
Body a temple
They had no concern with metabolism
However, palm wine sharpened their vision
Crops grew by the pathway
They knew not of the simple-complex pathways
Now I cram and draw structures
Of sugary sugar, chlorophylls, fats, and proteins
Who sent me down this pathway?
Unto the last-minute on the pathway
You can never be the last-ditch
You can never be my last wish
We shall split wit like the last slice
Biochemistry the brainteaser
It is not that am lazy
Results never encouraging
Metabolism they understood not. But energy.
Glycolysis big grammar, lipolysis a misery
Oh … Biochemistry; it is not that am lazy.

Amid science

Amid science

If science is out-of-the-way

The heavens be still above

Above and beyond; creativity might be

With stress and intricacy;

But with science

Those beautiful things, electricity

Engines and all

Life is made easy

Easy to live and easy die.


By onyeche Vincent Onyeka

© 2010 https://vinzpoetry.wordpress.com




I think I have fallen

For yet another angel

I’m an alien, she calls me

Martian and space invader;

But in her orbital and shell,

Science says I’m all she cares

So I nickname her caring Allen.


Whenever she is heartbroken I’m free

I speak all what she loves to hear

My sounding movement takes her of the chair

But why does she care, Science know.

I’m polygamous and excited

She is not the first, nor the only

And never would be.


I think she has fallen from the bottom

Where I’m scared not to further, I’m an atom

So little with a whale phantom

She can’t do without me

She cares because she sees me

No one dare with a naked eye

Yet they believe and draw me so well.



By Onyeche Vincent Onyeka

©2010 https://vinzpoetry.wordpress.com

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