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Red orange Delilah

Heaven may see through my corrupt thoughts
And the point where my conscience got burnt...

Until it sees a beauty with grace and elegance
Making a statement; fall or take a chance...

Heaven may erase my name from the book of life
But I await the judgement after my demise

For there is a perspective of sin I have seen
That justifies impermissible carnal sin.

Heaven knows that even immortals
Can't take their stainless eyes off her

Her body configuration do not hide
The amazing workshop where God's craft abide

Heaven knows that her skin is as soft as a wool
Red orange Delilah meant for Samson's Waterloo...

I know in heaven my thoughts are condemned
But with her, I would rather stay as damned.
(C) 2021 Http://vinzpoetry.wordpress.com
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

Community Leader

Sitting beside a burning fire
I feel the heat of my desire
But my judgment is clouded
By an all or nothing ill demand.

People throw stones from glass house
Accusing me for sheltering a mouse
Making me wonder if I sold time
Will we be after money and prime?

This hot seat has made me to realize
That by default we all have vice,
Though a prostitute may not be discreet
But the pope has his own secret.

©2018 Vinzpoetry.WordPress.com
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

Original sin

Some actions are like the sun rays,
So damn hot, full of funny ways
In our voice was some kind of grace
Innocence lost heavenly race.

Sweet extraordinary thing
Swimming in original sin
Intimacy clogs timid mind
Inside a room we were once blind

Saints in us we toss into bin,
Sex we turn into a common thing
In here it is our Queen of hives
Intimacy with endless vibes.

©2017 Vinzpoetry.wordpress.com
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

Lament in church

Title: Lament in church

By Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

On a serious note;
There is God
There is a creator
But; why do we believe;
Heaven is up towards the sky?

On a serious note;
The once the creator
Find unworthy
Shall be cast away
But, why do we believe

That hell is underneath?
That the Devil is grey,
Red or black in cloth;
Found in snakes, owls
And a bringer of death?

Why do we believe
The LIGHT is of white robe
How can you convince Vinz
Yet tell Vinz to study books
But great minds and holy Bible?

Who made the forbidden tree
And what was the future plan
Why do we affiliate bad times
Accidents and coincidence
To the wicked act of the devil

Has the devil been misjudged?
Do we forget that this world
Is wonderfully made and
Not yet a perfect world
We are here as an enzyme

Catalyzing its creation
Catalyzing its destruction
Why make wrong decision
To scattered it all
Just to survive more hours…

We are passersby
Soon we all shall say bye;
Who comes into these world
Last for ages without tasting
The sweet and sour.

I am true to my religion
But we in the temple
Gets me into skepticism…
We scream Amen Amen
To prayers against sickness,

Witch hunts, prosperity
And we give a French kiss
To the love of sin
To achieving health,
Fighting competitors,

Pull them down syndrome
Bagging wealth.
I am not a pastor,
I am not a preacher
I am but a sinner

Please soul sister and brother
When I say amen
In a low voice
Or adamant to make some noise
Forgive me because I am not you.

  • Vincent Onyekachukwu Onyeche

Unrest Soul: Churches After Christ Death

Don’t go off in a huff
If I say God is not on your roof
Salvation is not found in a church
Don’t nail me to a cross
Or clothe me in dirty torn rags
Each time I go on a crying jag.

Don’t go off in a huff
When I say
Your large numbers are decorative salvation hunters
Amongst are saints and sinners
But claim to be righteous doers
And ready to go through the roof…

Don’t go off in a huff
When I say
We are not white in color;
After His death the crucifix changed
To a wealthy vision and objectives…
Will you make it If the blackboy comes?

Don’t go off in a huff
When I say
The devil is alive
And my cross belongs within me
For, how many will you alternate when
Every church has its own black field.

Adam’s Story: The Bite

On me did a perfectly unselfish act
On a selfish motives he triumphs a lot

Hell is truth seen just too late
The forbidden truth we ate

In the faces of life and death
I see Gods signature in dot

On it we lied and was swept
Chased from ever awake to slept.

I am Adam the first
The tree in Eden is my debt

When things go hard criticise my bite
But I didn’t take u down that depth

Its in your options to carefully pick
Or resist so you don’t fall sick

I know blood tells too much
It runs in the vein if you permit such.

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