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Mental slave

I am a prisoner
Mentally in chains
By metals of slaves
Red as hot ore.

To leave a jail
I sent some mails
Request for bail
A wheel to sail.

I have some pals
Called; no reply…
So I shall my terms
Till the sky sail.

No tea, no bread
I cant be moonstruck
When close friends
Say, they know me not.

Expression Eruption: Pigs & Rule

It’s a dirty game… What is it?
From freedom to chains and tattoos
From speak up to shut up by guns
Then speak up democracy is born
Born by the shores besides flames that burn.

Flames that made my father a man
Flames that hardened the minds of his wives
Flames ignited from religious repulsion
Flames thick and dark;
Flames that scares an hawk.

It’s a dirty game; but who’s to be blamed?
The Author of Animal farm, Man or Pigs?
Pigs that reprinted pics
Every four years since speak up wrote in epics
Epics that ruins the green and white apple pick…

I wonder what they find in a reign
The same sway and reign of terror.
Affirmative! Self-delusion is unrealistic
Someone should have an esteem
To tell the Ex-general to quit fantasy.

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