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Expression Eruption: Your Opinion

Yes you can scream, scream
Yes your voice is loud, scream
Yes you got the ideas, say it
Yelling atop of knowledge knuckle.

Your voice is loud to your ears alone
Yet not all on eclipse earth can hear
Yelling is theory; technology is practical
Your opinions will never be heard.

Riddle on the coal

English: This bubble map shows the global dist...

Coal riddled ridden
Land of my kindred’s Kindred
Blessed with beauty and kindness
Frightened by woe and the color of my hair
Riches hidden in inferiority complex
Titans pocket my everyone’s kobo
Porous I am to poverty and diseases:


Crying and starving
Ball-and-chain problems
Ashamed is me coal:
Should I perk up? …Oh yes!
Should I worry on? …. No!
The brainteaser has an answer
“Fight for the brotherhood”: it says.


By Onyeche Vincent onyeka


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