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Dive and shakes

  1. There’s a feeling inexpressible by even a writer
  2. Like Peter Pan, it refuse to go older
  3. All round clock, irrespective of the weather, 
  4. I don’t care, report me to my mother.
  5. Like a moon to a werewolf, fresh out of the shower
  6. Excited, I jump out of my skin, into my bed like a diver
  7. Then my shaking limb limps into grabbing the cover
  8. Almost immediately, hidden I become underneath the wrapper
  9. Within my cold curdled blood, my sorrows become lighter,
  10. Cuddling the pillows, and kicking foot to another
  11. I laugh at the dive and shakes which never grow older
  12. An excitment I had right from when I was younger.
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