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Flare angel

Did you care to know how I roast?
A flare angel turned me to ghost

Now I don’t believe the truth…
Or whatsoever any human wrote.

The aircraft spin round and around
Valleys to hills; emission released

Came as rainbows; sight to see
It was heaven, with sweet flavors

But the flare angel rang no bell
Covering missiles, that dropped on me.

©2017 Vinzpoetry.wordpress.com
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu
Image source: Harinzey art

Tragedy Friday

I went to the hospital to see my blood
Only to jam volumes of ocean tears pond
Faces were up and faced down to the ground
My blood was fine but I heard a crying chord
Certainly they expressed a lose against an odd.

Friday the faithful had all headed for church
…Boomm… tires rolled, before the rush
Those there said: “the impact is much”
Passengers on-board all had a re-touch
…Sh, three gave up the ghost!… sssh.

“Three, 3..”: repeatedly it resounded
I defined tragedy as the Devils sword
A word in a world no one pray to afford
Down the slope into the mud….
Passengers on-board all had a re-touch.

“Lord why..!” This one kept shouting
“Iyawo mi! My wife, baybem!” He was screaming
She had kicked the bucket and sailed home
But she died not alone
For she was pregnant and they both died right on his hands.

Grief behind the upper body

    Picture on the wall; majestically clad shining out like the Sun
    Wooden frame hung beside the broken mirror, smiling lively at sorrowful
    Unemotional even as the fury shear tears facing her shine
    Before first slanting, the big palm tree has just fallen.
    Now with woe, it stamps emptiness in the loveseat
    Stealing smile and leaving photo clips in the fury mind.
    Life has just turned an everyday eclipse
    Why has the gods so treasured you?
    Now haters has got what they requested
    Anguished, the dark cloud settled right over fury.
    Tears never go dry, why… why… why…

(C) 2009
the true poesy

Sad Sunday story

Sad Sunday story


On Sunday morning, right in hour before sunrise

On divan, he sat thinking and smiling like the sun,

So exquisite, there she was lying on the white duvet

Translucent to his white walls

White cottons and white bedspread,

Stretching, joint citing, yearning and turning like a baby

Gently saying sorry to the white ceiling like a dying frog,

So beautiful from all angles, a nice animation he felt

Lovely, she is an angel in a white transparent sleeping gown.


On Sunday evening just in time as sunset

On a bar bench he sit in an expression of grief

Filling an empty cup and replacing the finish bottles

Looking stone white in dark affection,

Lonely, no more her around to keep the ice-cold duvet warm

In pieces shattered she so haunt him inside

Laughing and crying saying goodbye with a chameleon color,

Drinking, smoking and reminiscing, best strategy he feels

To preside over and kill memories of a sad Sunday story.



By Onyeche Vincent onyeka

© 2010 https://vinzpoetry.wordpress.com

Soldiers of Affection

Soldiers of Affection


After numerous battles of unfitted rings

Courage and discipline like the buffalo soldiers,

Let me be your only soldier of affection

To unravel all previous ambush with passion

As long as you maintain me like your garment to wear.

Paint my face with ash telling me you care

Attention I pay, your dark brown hair

Smooth clear brow, merry eyes internally stay alive,

On battlefield you remain my bee in an enclose hive.

All weather for you I rest on thorny reeds

Dreaming in pains protecting your perfect pictures:

Your past romance is an exploding bomb

Fast… fast… fast… no matter how long I’ll defuse the bomb

Ready to watch or stop me an entire year.




By Onyeche Vincent Onyeka

© 2010 https://vinzpoetry.wordpress.com





Vultures over the roof

So early, I woke up this morning

With a phone call

That brought out my manly tears.


Need to hide my face

From my plebs flowing eyes

Calamity is on the house

Soon it be on everyman’s lips.



By Onyeche Vincent onyeka

© 2010

Sorry Tragedy

Coals is to Enugu
Fire is to hell
I sent tragedy to tragedy
With my head as the vessel
And got paid by my own coin!!

All I can barely say:
Is… sorry tragedy
For putting the acid on
Free me from this fall
Ripping, wish you see I cry;

COIGN of vantage
Waited like a guard dog
Never catch a few Zs
Tossed bone distracted not
Not for a turn

You just watched on
Now it burns
From all over my skin
Ripping, wish you see I cry;
Sorry tragedy

It is irreversibly irreplaceable
Like you shuffle off
A mortal coil
Would there be another day dawn?
I wonder….

To you, vengeance as easy as ABC
On my knees, I plead
Never again come to me
I’ve reaped a share of it
Listen to my plead; sorry tragedy.

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