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Feelings of love

All around the clock thereof
There is this feeling so off
Like passion from above
Singing; good morning love,

Loud and clear to remind her
She is the gentle chauffeur
Driving in my blood stream
And the heat of my steam.

She holds the richest esteem
The definition of my rhythm
The drummer of my heartbeats
Happiness she never blights…

She is as strong as bamboo
Wise but often acts a fool
In situations of emotion pool
She often leaves with no clue…

Repeating till I see through
My words to find the blue
Color of real love is so true
And an unequivocal glue.

©2018 Vinzpoetry.wordpress.com
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

Dear sweet future wife

Dear sweet future wife
I honestly need long life
Not with nags, or vocal knifes.

Your curves may be sharper
Your English, Queens première
But attitude should be a winner.

Nothing beats a smiling face
Nothing beats a smooching claw
Nothing beats a playful fight.

Our kiss that started casually,
And turned romantic slowly
Has to taste better till eternity.

Nothing so as romantic
As a sweet relationship
That stays anew every day.

Nothing so as romantic
As a home with cooperation
And love transcending down

From parents to their children
Radiating home on heavenly soil
Dear sweet future wife.

©2017 Vinzpoetry.wordpress.com
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

Beautiful ugliness

I drive around the town everyday
When one giveup another will slay
They turn big hens and then they lay.

Some eggs roll over, from end to end
Like lakes some don’t flow nor bend
Some are heavy, some crack, some dead.

I drive around cities everyday
I see maggots hide inside clay
On a demise they choose to pray.

They play with flames under the sun
As man ages, new demons are born
In form of furs, feathers and guns.

I see two toads squat on a corn
Lurking at the tadpoles reborn
Some rejoice as others get torn.

Breathe is a sweet bitter entry;
The pretty and man-made beauties
Grow same horns with pains and pitty.

But when the rain finally drips
Powdered layers begins to rip
As the wind then blowoff the heaps.

I drive around the flood everyday
I see the doves and owls that says,
“We are unique in our own ways”.

Title: Beautiful ugliness
Form: 8-8-8 sylabllic
Lines: 24lines
Theme: life
Author: Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu
© 2017, Vinzpoetry.wordpress.com

Making sweet love…

From hypnotise to trance, I ‘ll take time
And all my senses to listen carefully
To her body languages and cravy needs;
I will put her to bed and take her to prime
Driving her third eyes into holy ecstasy;
Gently, I will kiss her soft ruby lips
And gloss, be it slimy, lemon or lime.

I will tickle her cylindrical neck
While sucking sweet goodness
On and off her milky soft breast;
With me, she will never bend or break
While I seriously touch her nakedness;
I will generously put her tears to rest
By giving her sweet love without a break.

I will kiss her navel and stomach
Flat, till it grows big into bumps
By digging face into her righteous crouch;
I will search for estasy of the highest rank
While I lick her inner out like five dogs;
In loudness and in a church holy hush,
I will love her to full from an empty sack.

I will suck her nipples like a child
Rub and kiss her lofty apple bottom
Suck her fingers, wrist, feet and toes;
I will smooch, and get her cuddled
On and off the beds till the birds hum;
I shall take her body and soul to ecstasies
While making love to the lady of my fond.

Cecilia – Chasing Shadows


Good luck chasing shadows
Good luck chasing the wind

I need a lady not a daughter
A friend and not acquittance

Heart’s playmaker, not a fighter
But one with bonds and chemistry.


I need a soulmate not any Cecilia,
Cherishing random flings on fense;

Irrespective of the beast and beauty
I need a home builder not a bulldozer

A good girl is a broken heart repairer
But in a crazy world, who will be a lover


When all appealing the heart these days
Are either seriously occupied,

Happily married, or confused,
Chasing the wind that must have a trace

Of height, thick or thin with pretty face
And white black shadow complexion race.

Cecilia – Love comes around

Cecilia is second to none, she’s a diva
Each pace she makes blossoms a flower;
She’s so thick, curvy and well-endowed
She took love to war and left him on the ground;

Misjudged, so he fought like a dying lion
Broken and helpless with wet pillows
True love found was a lost to its very own shadows,
So he roared and the turbulent storm came on.

Whirling and searching for a new lace,
Irrespective of fine face and body case;
One who can fine tune the heart in place
So in pains it roamed and ran an endless race.

On a different track Cecilia had an empty room,
Curiously, she followed a pestilent storm
And ended up where she had once began
Same love cast, came around; and became her man.

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