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Nigeria: Together we are stronger

No statutory backings
For a Nation like us,
To exist as an entity
Of one tribal identity.

I know we are diferrent
In tribes and in cultures
Hey, tribalism is a scar
Eating up what we have.

Together we are large,
Largest in the region.
Straigten your lower lips
That shows red sadness.

Why choose to be a killer
When you cann’t create life
We are like a bunch of sticks
Together we are stronger.

I know our wine is misused,
Referendums and dialogues
Are our very best solutions
Together we are stronger.

In need of Peace

Yes the double green is multilingual
I foresee a dialect infused in all tribes

And that dialect is a universal peace
Flowing through the uptight tongues

Like breeze so the fabrics can breath
With ease, for the world to be at peace.

Up the North, is a pool of bloodshed
South south has a series of thug war,

I wish the white doves will rove free
So the dirty black oil and air can be pure

Such that everyday brings forth peace
And self belief, unity and good deeds.

Love and safety would be an household name
Kindness shall be phenomena and free for all

East to west, both the poor and rich
Shall have tall strong standing trees

Growing firmly from the root in peace
Making black lives on earth an ease.

Expression Eruption: Peace

There’s this thing that takes time to turn
The background radiation is radioactive in the air.

This thing is an entity in the soul dirt
The world is natural unstable without it.

This thing is an end point reached by death
This thing is abundantly alive; why die to first taste it?…

This thing can hardly be redressed without a fight
Take time to swim you will understand this thing I sing.

This thing can match makeup and attires
This thing can unite hairstyles and colors.

This thing puts an end
To the tricky tribal trials they called taboos.

Take a time to swim then you will concur
That this thing is freedom, harmony and peace.

Unintentional Existence: If

Not sigh, but If only they could chat

In languages we comprehend

Sure there would be an end

To the wrongs we do as good.


The devilish inimical extremist

Dirty politics we play for command

Makes me wonder is kill them all

….The purpose of existence?


Every clap we make

Has a dead butterfly in it

If only we could comprehend

Would a fly die this way?


For God sake,

The world is just made for man only

Well every mad man feels okay

If the heart doesn’t feel wrong, is it right?


If only

The insects we crush

The rodents we trap

The cattle and birds we hunt

Everything that has life… just-mention

Could speak to us on the hour or after the hour of death

Then we will know we are inhuman

And irrational in decisions we make.


By Onyeche Vincent Onyeka

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