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Autobiography of me

I knew the world was so cruel
I spent more than nine months
In the potty womb of my mother
Innocent me, in exculsion for any other.

I was born on a sunday, true
I’m religious, but it’s not my fighting words
I believe solely in God and no other
My life is but series of events in His order.

I was born in October, with no clue
Twelve forty five to be precise
I see life as a battle for a soldier
Fighting his very own life with eachother.

I didn’t choose black or blue
I’m not my hairs, leather, rubber and size
Life is bright, but I was born a thinker
Like my father, finding ways to make dull brighter.

I’m a Deltan, from a blood, pure and true
Flowing through the streams of Africa price
Acquring degrees, one after an other
A sucker of lies, deciet, hatered and fake lover.

I feel lonely at times, many and few
Will wish me down, but I do always arise
I’ve walked roads, wider and narrower
Honestly, all man is a brother and sister.

I’ve walked through fogs, mist and dew
Pleasure and pain, fire hot and cold ice
I’ve been backstabbed by my own shoulder
For I’m eager as greatness, and I don’t bother.

Exams I failed most in life, are those I knew
Each time the phone rings, it turns the dice
I cheer up always even in dreams and when I’m sober
Because on earth, I’m nothing but a humble traveller.

Me, A Song Written By God

More accurate than a chronograph,
Well analysed than a spectrograph
I’m a dancing sonogram
Gush! The sound is killing

Mimed by the Angels above,
I’m a song written by the hand of God,
Sang by his singing birds,
Life listens that includes you and you

Mind-blowing like deftly,
The errors in his write-up are defunct
Speakers boom ….
Gush! The lyrics is killing

Modal verbs, must, shall, will
These songs he writes about me
Are point-and-kill not a moleskin
Making mountains out of a molehill

Written by Onyeche Vincent E Onyeka
(C) 2012

Native Fly: Palmwine Play

Palm Wine

Palm Wine

    Palm wine Play
  1. It was some time ago no pea-cocking or ego
  2. Innocent and untouched like virgin forest
  3. Then grasses covered bottles attuned for palm wine
  4. Flies also sipped, it was creamy and white as milk
  5. From daddy’s cup the little kids drank
  6. Inspiring, their play was full of fun
  7. Pretending to be drunk; if not already
  8. Staggering, damping the eyes
  9. Rolling out the eyeballs,
  10. Stooping and soliloquizing
  11. Playing with sands, throwing pillows and falling
  12. Along the long narrow corridor
  13. Running for more, to daddy’s refilling cup
  14. To drink the universe large and play all night long.

By Onyeche Vincent Onyeka

written by: Onyeche Vincent Onyeka
© 2012
(D²rupoesy)℠ thetruepoesy™

I Shall Strive

    I Shall Strive

I will fly
Like butterflies
But this time, high
Higher than the butterflies,

Over the sky
The limiting sky
Even if I crash,
Expect no cry.

I will try
Call me all,
A mere fly…
I’m not shy.

Hi, Mr. Sly
And tricky.

My sigh is silent
Served by the shooting stars
And gone astray
In the scorching sun.

Blink your eyes,
Mr. Starry-eyed
My fears are dead
On its orbit, I shall never drop.


written By: Onyeche Vincent Onyeka

Coming Of The Bogeyman

In my own dominion, hold me captive
But let my busy hands touch the fret

And the guitar bridge shall weep in joy
But regain your composure, least you shear tears

Brutally, the drumsticks shall beat the drums
Not your hands, my hands shall rebound on the timpani

Compatriots’ beer in mind it isn’t your skin
I slide the bow against its strings

Compared to violin and Piccolo, the cello is big
But, the bogeyman; harp is on his way home

Careful you don’t dance to my marvelous percussion
When I smash the cymbals and shake the Tambourines

Domino effect, boohoo…boo…o…ho…o… You weep
Valve fixed; blooper minimized, my trumpeting is sweet

Close your ears, hear less of my joyful years
For the trombone and tuba, that I blow is loud

Not to forget, curl up in fear and condemn your eyes
Perpetually I’ll keep kissing my lifted trophies

(C) 2010
The True Poesy

written by Onyeche Vincent Onyeka

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