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Unbelievably guts

You were once the fresh one
A golden maize and soft bread
Stainless steel, pure and sweet.

Now I see your leathers torn
Feathers falling, leave are dead;
Dropping from the shadow sun.

All the sheets once made of gold
Are now stories ashamed of truth;
Mended irons, supported by threads.

Heard he raises his hands on you
And you are scared to ring bells
Seems he has got a spell on you.

How long would you be patient
Hoping he quits such habit
What love is there in violence

You hide injuries and scars
You are so unbelievable
Like the legends and the myths.

©2017 Vinzpoetry.wordpress.com
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

Love Not Violence

Note we ought to…
Fall then crawl and stand up too
Take one heart and make it two
Don’t get violent on the answers to who.
For most times when it’s true
We just fall and don’t pick who…
Love is peace and not easy to spoon
Yes, it’s not what we like it to be most often.
We wake up onto it like existence
Stop violence for we stand a chance
Even without begging for it
We are the hand and love is the glove fit
Stop violence, put the glove on,
Stop violence, be affectionate
Stop violence, spoon peace it’s safe and fun
Love maybe torn but better than a violent fate.

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