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Nigeria: War to peace

The hustles and
Demands of life
Has made all fail
Ethics and right,

But hey young one,
Please blame us not
For not fixing
The roads rightly

This is your time
Stop the placards
You are the man
Behind the mask

Our time is past,
When gush of bloods
Were all we rushed;
Please do better.

Please do not say,
We betrayed her
We were serving
Though starving her

We realize we
Failed the system
Badly, underneath
The surface of act

The skulls we counted,
Are already gone
But you all can
Avoid repeat…

We love her too
Dear, Nigeria
We were soldiers
….Please be civil.

©2019 https://vinzpoetry.wordpress.com
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

Bark back

R. I. P to the faithfuls
Ones that died coldblooded
By bombs, swords or guns
Far from the natural flood.

Whose very weaknesses
These killers use as drills;
Are the sins we fight
And the taboos we kill.

It is more sadden
That we do not take
These heavy laden
For bad cakes they bake.

An eye for an eye
They are sole survivals
We chose turning cheeks
To be a soul survival.

A hundred got burnt
And they keep doing more
Slaughtering for God
To our God we mourn…

The dogs that bark loud
Sometimes need a slice
Of a resilient mind
To hush in silence.

The greatest regret
Wouldn’t be bad fate
And the death therein
But sticking to faith

Especially when
At the end, no hell
No heaven, no paradise
We all believe and often tell.

©2018 https://vinzpoetry.wordpress.com
Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

Unrest Soul: Warlords

As a legman I suggested he surrender
Before the area got painted by danger
Bangs and shouts, is all I remember
Wondering why men so love disorder.

To be honest don’t spend your time
Thinking of death or the day you’ll die
Show me a man that wouldn’t cough
And I’ll show you a man in cigarette form.

In reluctance heroes are infertile
Would you be a slave or be a freeman
Answers were right; but my face lost all expression
As he intently went for another gambit.

Mumbling in stupor; we are surrounded
Mouse in the plate of ten hungry cats
I whispered, ’tis time to let go
Roll down the eyes and fake a defeat

Bow your king so we can live
Brother quit fishing in a dead sea
Turns off the light so we may escape
It isn’t engraved in an illegible writing.

He exclaimed
It is check-mate
Folks began fighting; he then disappeared

Outside I woke
On my bottom
He walked up to me saying;
Warlords don’t surrender.

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