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Unintentional Existence: He is late

When the moment comes in
Waypoint, rigor-mortis sets in.
War-child tell me, in life’s inn
What did you do therein or within?

Nah! Just wish I were young forever;
Negligible senescence stinks,
Never cry over a spilled milk
Never do! It was meant to be.

Let my candles burnout
Let not my memories fade away
Lager-out mood they would say
“La-di-da! never die like I did”.

Obviously, ’tis a long journey to make
O Lord kindly open the golden gate
I’m right on-time spy through my faith
It’s my fate not a piece of cake.

Lurcher save the tinsels don’t Wolf-cry,
Let’s be frank even as you kiss and tell
Indeed to death, debtors we are
It’s imperative and a price we must pay

Farewell, life isn’t an imperfect-competition
Infants will still come in.. but,
For real; when he is late, he wouldn’t know
If he is dead or even existed.


Don’t Call Me Mad: A Sonnet of good

When true love turns impossible
And wants to wait much longer
Simply go into cryptobiosis
Wait for love as long as it takes.
If it resist still, such sincere attention
Like the snails’ eye cuts off
Persistent attention shall re-grow.

If to be good on planet earth
Becomes negligibly senescent
Shall put a sincere kindness
In state of suspended animation
Wake it up in November
When and if
The world ever needs such good.

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