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April Fool

Similes are assumptions
Metaphors are affirmatives
Standing by the pool
With a snake came a bull
So I ran to fetch my tool
On arrival, things were cool
But a voice screamed, April fool.

Ebu wonder

I have seen a basket fetch water
From lakes, streams and rivers.

I have seen a piece of fabric
Once in a flat and tiny box

Danced unaided like the winds
Rising from an ancestral spine;

Taping the spiritual energies of life,
By the sounds of an African drum.

Unspeakably, like the leaven of a yeast
It rises strong like a bunch of bamboos

Patterns are the orders of the world
But I fail to unravel a masquerade logic

So, come and see for yourselves
A piece of cloth and body of the gods

The gods of the land, you called dead
Sensationally, rising from lifelessness

To reclaim the heights from the roofs
Tallish Iroko tree and layers in the skies,

Come and see the famous Ebu wonder
As it dances and grows taller than trees.

Retirees of life

You are free to disagree
Or grow as tall as a tree,

Berries and even a chimpanzee
Coated by Mendelian’s pea.

But as an awardee in Galilee
Wouldn’t you be the assignee

To the sweet loving honeybee
Turning lemonades into tea?

Would you setup a commitee
As a walking encyclopedia for free

To create a coffee of high degree
Imposing eternity, a mighty decree..

Would you make breathe germfree
Knowing that there is no guarantee

For these daily jamboree
Mustn’t be admired by the referee,

In the unending dark comedies
Disturbing storms, sailor’s sea

Life is a job, we are employees
Laboring as prospective retirees.

Unsold love for you

My love for you
Has not been told,
In songs of birds
Or even by toads,

So smile while I
Play my flute
For your muse
Our hearts to fuse,

Harmonizing with
This feelings found,
Similar to the pride
Of groom and bride,

In fog, mist or dew,
It is many not few…
It can only be viewed;
And can never be sold.

Rivers of life

When sailing
In the rivers of life,

Expect it all
A wind for a sail

Smooth and rough
Comes a tide in life

Let no antics
Kill your plights

Know that, none can curse
The blessings by God

So seek and find
His mights and right

When sailing
In the rivers of life.

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