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Keyboard, pedals and its marvelous percussion

Passion in motion;

Better than the birds’ best melody

Finer than the smoothest emulsion

So soothing as heavenly imagination;

To it, the strong and steady relax steady


Secrets behind the bee’s cooperation

The key to the blind bats vision;

Strings and keys, a magic finger felony

The frowning judge has no precaution

But to bring out graceful tears like an ocean;

The weak and wobble are in custody

To the sounds of lack of restriction

Music melody a droning mans’ resuscitation.


By Onyeche Vincent Onyeka

© 2010




The best of all superlative, unloose freedom for eternity

A mirror of an everlasting figure

Little the fancy frisks understand from that they see

Yet hasty judgment they frame upon such good


No style fashion but a star of all styles

Yet an arcane role dedicated to the policy of the best

Complexity age and fades

But simplicity ages only but never fades


It praises itself

It is a good company

Mr. Simple says, only your enemies describes you the best

But I refuse to admit, that complex is far better than simplicity.





By Onyeche Vincent Onyeka

© 2008

Tales Of A Wife: Soul Mate

The Ring To Tangle

Soul Mate

Soul mate

I hear her even voice

As comforting as rest of mind

Engaging like a busy day

A smooth fond of powder

A naked goddess attraction.

I see her spotless face

Dirt hating,

Enriched hair, neck, body and legs

Exaggerating beauty my body’s buddy

Just what the doctor ordered.

I feel her pillow touch

So soft

Succulent tasty juice

Like birds to air

Her lips, my perfect pair.

I always reach for her

On phone, life and even in dreams

Odds to the dreams

For in dreams

My arms clutched empty air.

By Onyeche Vincent Onyeka

© 2010

Tales Of A Wife: Shyer

Everyone likes her
Everyman wants her
First rated, face of a goddess
Frustrating everyman’s
Her gaze is a smearcase
Don’t look or
Fall from a staircase.

She’s this type that
Everyman knows
Although she goes by different names
Sweetie, Pretty-princess
African Queen, was what 2face called her
She’s cool like a sleeping-beauty,
Her parents should have named her Baby-angel for she’s such a love muffin

Everyone likes her
Fallen from the staircase
To some ‘No’, To some ‘Yes’
Then, everyone befriends her.
She’s a man’s fondness
That soft touching,
She talks to a mans heart
With such a large effect.

Everyone likes her
Everyman wants her
Dust in the wind
Coarse thud
Non-in her voice,
Well polished and brushed
She is an Ace.

Not a dog or another loosed animal
Mere hearing her sweet voice
Or seeing her fantastic pretty face
Covered with her
Consistent long dark well-gloomed hair
Hearts be sprinter
To reach the spinster
She is a fits of laughter.

Her seduction and free sights
Get me always in sighs
Only, I say ‘hello’
She reply ‘hi’
Everyone likes her
Everyman has her
But by her
I am a shyer.




From my oozy skin

Odor, my stinky buddy

Disobedient offensive foray

Odor, my stinky buddy.

From mouth, armpit and skin

Same stink in blood, we no relatives.

Striking mark for lovers and dogs

Odor, my stinky links.

Faster than my shadow unclean

Gigantic monster never settling indoors

My wraithlike neighbor foes

Odor, the livelihood whiffs.

Facile abhor smoky motion lean
some dirty old offensive savors

My no flavor fragrance

Odor, the livelihood whiffs.

By Onyeche Vincent Onyeka

© 2010

Tales Of A Wife: That Chic

Wow she smokes
Her love a curse
Hot, deceitful tender voice
Flowing to prominent at all cost
The cars, house and purse
She might be true or false

Adams’ destructive crush
Samson’s destructive brush
Casanova, Romeo all the myths
Her pants to Spartacus and champions
Costly to secure, she’s that chic
Ones wife; men die in David hands.



Her beautiful cat’s-eye

A frighten-weakening powerful gaze

Now she blinks;

Wonderful eyebrow

Interesting eyelid

A mascon below the moon-eyelash

Whitish cornea everyman’s mascot

Lighten pupil innocent evil

Filled of jewels and gemstone

Prolific to the mascara

Reflecting tenderness

A shimmering kindness

Now she blinks;
Weakening and sluggish

A reminder of mothers’ tender touch.

Onyeche V.E. Onyeka

© 2010

24 June 2010


If life were to be a woman’s favor

If life were to be a woman’s favor

If life were to be a woman’s favor

If life were to be a woman’s favor

MR. NIGER LD the acronym for life definition is truly brief but not that breezing air free or easy as the definition suggest.

Life is a beneficiary it takes a thought to make a word, some words to make an action, some work to make it work and after the work is a lost. The trouble in Life never ends unless death comes.

A friend inquired; “how come the numerous and never ending domestic work of a woman has not caused evolution’s use and disuse theory to play it’s part by granting her another hand?”

And another replied; “she seek for it not or failed to use her basic instincts.”

To me, if I were evolution of course she gets an extra hand, not to forget lip, tooth, chest and waist.

“Life is a dire judge if only the female could appeal for working is to the monkey, reaping to the baboon”.  When a lady ask for favor men do for pleasure even if it takes his ‘no time’ leisure.

The world is a good turn for her, “Ladies First”. She shouldn’t be handled roughly even when wrong. In parties she pay no gate fee, she gets whatever she wants in anyway weather by yelling, crying, or in a numbest mode.  Free gadgets, cars, clothes, food in-fact an extra care and complains when it all falls, who is the man not to fix it without her penny.

A blessed and virtuous woman is she that can use her body features at the right time. She is the most dangerous even to the strongest Samson. “Underneath the earth, the hen searches for her daily bread digging holes, in most cases reap not of the labor simply because the ants are all over harvesting from where they never sowed.”  A woman could cause poverty for a hardworking man.

If death were to be a male-judge, women would leave forever more.

She knows it all, she runs from failure. She has been through the highs, said all her goodbyes she Learned to run before she learned to crawl. He is worth fighting for if she is sure and one of her is dying, trying to find loves cure. If she is lazy, so long, favor is and she pleads, who is he to turn her down.

Nevertheless, if he were lazy, life would have no mercy on him to crown him the king of sorrow or the heir apparent to the dynasty of poverty. Life must be a same-sex judge thing.

They say; “ women have fish brain” but in actual sense she use it more effectively to attain a 99%  self profiting desire while the male with the almighty whale brain spend a whole-lifetime to get what a woman could get in just a flash.

Could life be a woman’s favor, all sweat be makeup’s, regrets would be a non-gnash tooth, dirt would be polished nails, all soils be fertile, all brambles would be eradicated, thorns be soft-hand touch, tragedy shall book an appointment and when it comes, it cometh as awareness. The ugly would be fine; life would be the best of gene if life were to be a Woman’s favor.

Onyeche Vincent Onyeka

No more Tortoise signature in Naira Notes

No more Corruption in Nigeria

No more Tortoise signature in Naira Note

No more Tortoise signature in Naira Notes

She is corrupt, they rank

Forgetting that they that know no evil will suspect none,

Please let embrace a changing world

For honesty comes after your honesty

It is the best policy

To enhancing to my great Nigeria politics.

Politics is never perfect,

Consent to its perfection from root to top

Like a palm-tree sincere to palm-wine,


Let her honesty not only pay

But suit critics and everyman.

Now she crafty mould her toil

Honor lies in her honest toil

Not until then,

The tortoise signature

And that stingy magnetic field

Would be printed on the naira note.

By Onyeche Vincent Onyeka

© 2010

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