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Cock: The Little Girl That Frown

  • Don’t know if I have a big bottom
    Because the ass is right at my back
    The memories it brings drags anger in a sack
    Hell yea! I frown
    And give a-slow-burn
    Without faking smile, unlike a clown
  • My memories of being a teenage,
    Has men twice my age
    That harasses and rattle my cage
    I wish I was brave or better sage!
    Pain wouldn’t have been in a sack
    But rather free in a cage
  • Black blood droplets, makes me cloud-up,
    And… Yes I frown
    It’s my beauty I like to hide
    So I give a sigh; “talk to my hand”
    And… Yes I frown
    I don’t care how innocent but don’t say “hi”
  • I have been bruised, abused and misused;
    Wish I was born the days hearts had courage
    And tongues were parrots not packed in a sack
    Separated by barriers from the ears of the walls
    Maybe my parents would have heard
    And bullets would have flown..
  • Now I’m just an author of sad sex stories
    But not a property causing cold war…
    Nor an indigestible fiber: so I keep to myself.
    Just me, left in a farm of my thoughts
    Cultivating imperfection that understands me a lot
    Knit-brows, I look-black with a rusted heart
  • Bruises and brushes of bad luck
    Steadily, I give the Devil an evil-eye
    Same eye that saw the Devil down
    Who tore my blouse and pants
    Devouring me in art and act,
    Fagged out in the hook packed in the sack
  • Nothing amaze me, the sound of the word
    … Is as heavy as the word: “Prick”
    If my milk drop please it is my breast?
    At times I wish I had powers of a sword
    To decapitate the cock away from my nest
    Smiling with a frown that says: “you’re yet to see the best”
    • (C) 2012. Written by ONYECHE VINCENT ONYEKA


    The Liltle Girl That Frown

    The Liltle Girl That Frown


  • October child is born for woe
    With the strength to dig a hoe
    And ideas never called a doe
    Creativity profound like its afternoon
    October children are blessed.
    1. 6.
  • The world created in October; probably
    Every ending of a cycle,
    Is the beginning; ideally.
    Coming twilight in november
    October is natures funeral month.
    1. 11.
  • Green gradually loses to yellow
    Every fresh ready to dry-up a flesh
    In October, the leaf falls
    No wonder, its child is born for woe
    God protects the October child.
    1. 16.
  • In Nigeria, tis beginning of a good era
    Business boom, and does the purse
    Woe was four months before
    Mellow, take a toast, don’t be sober,
    For October does his work well.
  • Written by Onyeche Vincent Onyeka
    (C) 2012
    The True Poesy

    Baby Nigeria; Birthday Ma

    Baby Nigeria, birthday grandma
    Sets of candles blown;
    The fifty-second time in a row

    Make your wishes right to fairies
    Not Presidents and politicians
    As baby you seem, laugh and smile

    The beginning of fairies
    They say, was from the first laughter
    Of the first baby born

    If your wishes got no will
    When the light goes out
    Eat your cake alone

    Happy Birthday
    Baby Nigeria!!!

    Written by Onyeche Vincent Onyeka

    The True Poesy

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