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Vinx Onyeche

I adore what is and isn’t of nature
I praise crazy thoughts and inventories,
The sciences, arts and technologies
The beautiful things created now shall be gone
Though to return for nothing is new under the Sun
Yes I know but only with my shades on.
For I always have this nurtured feelings:

“On Earth, the best discoveries
Are yet to come,
It hides in every Child unborn,
Lost in the wet bathrooms,
Right in front of the reflecting mirrors
It wonders in the dreams of men,
Forgotten at the sight of a new dawn.

It’s sang as songs not recorded or heard
Black and white, written on papers
Then turn and often burnt to ashes
Because the World sees it as scraps”
I adore terrific manifestation of nature
Yet I am scared of the ugly vulture
When it peaks off the realization of dreams.

  • Vinx Onyeche

Poet’s Dilemma

Boy is to the he as a girl is to a her
Love isn’t to beauty as near isn’t to far.

Do you know it’s persuading words that win love?

The actions are puzzles, loved when solved
But if wrong, and push turns to shove
“Poetry or her love” which would you choose-
To make an impression that wouldn’t loose?

As a poet and lover, poetry you shall pick
For the faces the puppies tongue would lick
Doesn’t have to be pretty or soft as a silk.

To a poet, their lovers can’t be a poem…

For poem is a tool to melt down every ice in the chest
“Poetry or your love” which would you choose-
If you are a poet that has lots to loose…?

Ode of Josh: The Odds Were Right

Josh is a man guided by dreams,
God above always answers his prayers,
So he prayed for and had her on his palms.
It was all for affection: he was in love,
But in his dreams was a fading glow
Disapproving lights from the glove.

‘I had a dream last night’, he said to her…
‘What did you dream’ asked her
But he couldn’t respond definitely to her.
For his dream had her disapproved by swans
The odd was against her: silent white lies
Said all there was to say; in love games…

He didn’t seem it very important
He kept on digging holes for an ant
To store love: on earth there is not a saint…
Who hasn’t sinned for no man is purer
No… no.. not even one, now and forever
So against the odds he held on to his lover…

They both grow fonder, higher on love tree
And they both walked on each others heel
Everyday he played and prayed on his kneel.
He had God blessed his palm on the wheel
But Each time he was with her, slow on hill
Were a bad omen! until she cut off the tree..

Taiwo her ex, resurrected from underworld
Surprisingly, her lies sprung up from the ground.
Ashamed, she flew while in hush Josh watched…
Front and back, up in the sky she flew disoriented
Because she loved two men: so she sat on the fence
Pulling the trigger deliberately, Josh hence…

Reminded her that there is that one…
…Special soul mate for everyone…
She isn’t, but a mismatched consonant preceding an.
Love comes naturally: Taiwo she chose without a fight
For the moment she left, the glow became bright
Josh then smiled saying: ‘the odds were right’.

If I See The Future

It all depends on the surprises of nature
I wish I could see through to the future….
I’ll know if my path is firm and sure
I’ll take-off trash, to be focus and pure.
I’ll be on same skin in another texture.

If I could see through to future
Impossibility will be my action
In and out, I will know a vulture.
Incredibly I will repaint a bad picture
Intentionally avoiding the bad couture
I will live life to the fullest as meekness conjure…

People are Envious

People are always envious
Even if its on you, we or us.
They will push you to loss a focus
And give you to true but false.

When you speak it is seeming
As thou you are all knowing
When you are silent and speechless,
They say; “It’s self centered and careless.

When you sweat they say you are weak
Whereas you work tireless to the peak
You give purity and they say it’s not meek
Know it: “moments can’t be sweet all week”.

People are always envious
Worry not if it’s Gods’ blessing or a curse
To have a big dream and a large focus
…People are always envious.

Utilizing Earth

Earth is fun not just in metaphor
So live to the fullest in its ulterior
Dare not listen to the spreading rumor
Be good and take no one as a minor
Steal not but earn from where you labor.

Earth has its magic in every culture
Be an operator but break no sculpture
The bible should be your armor
Love is same even when called armour
Kill not a fellow man to be an emperor

Earth has its liquor, drink to stupor
From birth you were a great warrior
Life is undefinable so don’t mess the parlor
Handle situations like you were a doctor
For from birth you are a great warrior.

Tragedy Friday

I went to the hospital to see my blood
Only to jam volumes of ocean tears pond
Faces were up and faced down to the ground
My blood was fine but I heard a crying chord
Certainly they expressed a lose against an odd.

Friday the faithful had all headed for church
…Boomm… tires rolled, before the rush
Those there said: “the impact is much”
Passengers on-board all had a re-touch
…Sh, three gave up the ghost!… sssh.

“Three, 3..”: repeatedly it resounded
I defined tragedy as the Devils sword
A word in a world no one pray to afford
Down the slope into the mud….
Passengers on-board all had a re-touch.

“Lord why..!” This one kept shouting
“Iyawo mi! My wife, baybem!” He was screaming
She had kicked the bucket and sailed home
But she died not alone
For she was pregnant and they both died right on his hands.

It’s meaningless

What exactly do you search for,
In an armpit if not for an odor…
Common in both the rich and poor.

We all have at least a single error
We may or may not know it’s a tumor
Hard to be Jesus but easy being pastor.

Judge not, no one is to but the creator
A married man was once a bachelor
Even the Angels pass the back-door.

Life continues because Earth welcomes a visitor
Who cometh to disappear like a rumor
Mortality is ours, even if you are an emperor.

Forgetting The Past

I woke up last night
Unto an unending dark light
My dreams were bright and alright
In ambitions postponed every fortnight.

I felt strong but weak as a nonsense plight!
My burg eyes had a very tight sight
I couldn’t see but struggled with it like a gunfight
Slowly it opened, yes to my delight

I saw nothing but a heavy looking lightweight
Other than what my sight… could write
Inside my dark shadow was a misery flight
Is it I or myself I should fight in my past?

Indeed these are though times in a twilight
Struggled to get to the door for I might
Slam it against my past and wake in greater height
For there is nothing to fight against a shadow light.

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