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Evolution of black homes

Thatched roofs, red muds
Journeying through loads
Off skiff sniff of air,

Black husband met wife
Drank palmwines, swore oats
And made love in huts.

Their darts on the cliff
Had a bond and grip…
More of an eclipse,

Beyond wealth and fames
Beyond grains and games
Like a seed to rain.

Now roses are withered
Now hearts have hatred..
With rings blinking red.

The home that was stiff
Now dethrones Chiefs
As love falls asleep.

The huts disappear
Along with bare trees
As a black man’s home

Have many torn foams;
With these black ladies
Plotting to break bricks.

By Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu
©2017, Vinzpoetry.wordpress.com


Let me take you to jail
Away from lawyer’s bail
Until we fade and sail;
I pray we break a leg
I pray we hatch an egg.

Please stay with me in jail
Let us trail and derail
From the reddish cocktails;
I pray for heads not tails
Hitting hammers on nails.

Oh! Come with me to jail
Let us curb and curtail
Pleasures and worldly pains
It is not bad to fail
Oh! Come with me to jail.

© 2017, Vinzpoetry.wordpress.com
Author: Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu


I change, I am not constant
Every day I change objects
Hoping not to be outdated.

If the night arise, I lit
A cloak of light to fight,
And quench the growing night.

When the cock decides to crow
With stars and moon I crawl
Into the otherside that brawl…

Creeping with reptiles of mine
My complicity shines,
Guilty of a creative mind.

Daniel and Abigail

Receiving mails
From plenty maids..
There goes Daniel
A snake on shell
In shades of hell
With lots to tell…

Of a young whorl
Abigail her name
He forced to bed
Bruise her to blend
With joy but pain
Many years ago.

She is a whorl
He made so lame
Like a used frame
Broken to shame
Sane and insane
To her are same.


At ten, her tail
Rotates a snail….
Hammer or nail?
They ask a girl
Called Abigail…

She’s rape today
Next day blackmail…
She opens the gate
To rape and fates
A style she hates.

Bruises she claims
From sane and insane
She hides with aim
Because blackmails
Stains, and her name

Who is to blame
Acquired flame
Or are gods lame
Watching her game
Bleeding in shame.

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