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Break My Heart

Please break my heart!
I’ve got a perforated heart
Through its pores, love leaks out

I scrutinize the quantum of love
In your eyes
On my bed covered with lies.

The dwarfs’ chest measures the top
Now, that the hole isn’t dug deep
Please break my heart!!

You’re sharing and giving me,
A love I’m eating on
A “non reciprocate” plate.

Please break my heart!!!
This loving causes a flatulence
Deep down my intestine it worries me so bad.

The more I think of it,
More I realize; you shouldn’t love me.
Please break my heart!!!!

True love is a two-way love
Unto the floor your love pours
On a deceitful cemented ground.

This quantum of love that you give
Shall dig and cover a 6feet grave
If you don’t break my heart.

Native Fly: Greeting the King

Years years after birth
December thirty-first
Three times the thumb raised
From the palm beneath
Where the arm rest
Didn’t care if it was
Black or white dress
O yes he fell flat from the cliff
Then down he laid his chest
Bowing to the one and only king
In the land he shall rest.

Unintentional Existence: Live to die

Whoever watches me
Over from where yea sits,
Stand, fly or lie
Doing ding things
Unspeakable whoa
If I be yea, rebuke me

For I’ve done so
When the sun follows
And in the darkest black
Yet I know, doubts of blank
I was created
If I be yea, rebuke me

One of the actors
In the film called life
So funny to know
That the script writer
Is me alive
Computerised to turn off the TV

Life isn’t yes or no
What affects
Is the “if not”
If not technology for the labour
Slaves I might still trade
Without favour

Freedom is a state of mind
Evidence of “I’m alive”
Life approaches the sharp knife
Not easy being the stainless one
Yet harder to hear and know
No man lives forever.

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Adam’s Story: The First Sin

As the guardian of Eden
I seek fought to my roles
And then returned to my Rose
Who welcomed me and filled my nose.

She smelt good, hands full with that
He said and emphasised: ‘DON’T’
– It wouldn’t kill you
She assured me with evidence

The fragrance intensified
Two sixteen seventeen
I yielded in genesis

Intrinsic power of a woman
Mousetrap on a helpless man
Blinded by the affairs of the heart
Sadly; I couldn’t resist her

– Behold our nakedness!

He called my name
Behind the thick leafy trees
I hide frankenstein’s monsters
Angry was Ultimate Master

Its the woman you gave me
I cried out regretful to Him
-The serpent deceived me
She shifted the blame too

Cursed to labour and pain
Sin and mortality
On the fable of Eve
I and the forbidden fruit.

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