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What is your Growth Rate?

Life is a stage we all live in day by day taking a step… (-Onyeche Vinz)

Believe me whatever it is you strongly believe in works good and miracle for you… (Allah or God) as long as it isn’t for negativity. – (Onyeche Vinz)

I remember how I dived into fishfarming 2009 by a simple maths: if I raise 1000 fish and sell each at 2kg for N1000 then I shall be a Millionaire.

The dream was a dream after 11months… This 1000 fish ate my 70K of feeding and refuse to grow (Stunted). Disappointing but accepting….

I remember in 2010 when some biz got me 50K within 5months and how I slept that night I got paid, like Cleaners in Heaven getting laid.

I remember finishing NYSC without touching my allowee… Jez! That was a full calender year savings… But funny enough this figures are spent within 1min by some people…

Where I was in 2009-nw.. Shall not be where I shall Be Tomrw!

My point here is – Growth is Constant But What Is Your Growth Rate?

Never Curse Me

Why would the Sun refuse to shine
What waste is it if in daylight the stars shine
Be careful so you don’t be next in line
Basically I am by default made to excel
Even barefooted by paths of broken bottles.

If you curse or wish me bad
Same is yours; it’s just a rebound
A reap off of an hidden moon at night.
Why wish me bad when I have a designer
Programming you exactly what you wish to me.

Get it: those that curses me are doomed…
By forces I can’t say or mitigate
The Sun has so favored me
That I am a surface that reflects her light
And nothing bad come close to me.

Expression Eruption: Appreciating

I will always leave to appreciate
Everything He is and every He creates
An admirer I am so I must selflessly admit
God has all that you may ever call traits
For the entity of life is not by fate
Not erroneously made so put on some faith.

Intriguing solids, liquids and gas
I will always leave to appreciate
The ideas he complexed to form the space
Up above so high like diamonds in the sky
Out of which the fairytale is made
For the young to enjoy while they age.

The Creators creation may also create
Like democracy freedom He gives
The world is a boutique of flowers
What I see around is so magical
I will always leave to appreciate
All he created even after a short in breath.

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