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It was so beautiful
……So so beautiful
Watching Socrates in school
Learning indebt all about me
I was so proud of me
To be studied with or without a meal.

Students of yesterday became Professors
Professors in the field of me
Studying me, many refused a meal
So in tandem, it all repeats
From century to centuries
Higher climbed the hills.

I then decided to be one of the students
My yellow clothes still measured as me
My skull still shaped as me
At least I am me, so it was an easy task to be
I supposed…. As I,
I picked up pens and the books of me…

Nobody knew it was me
And attended lectures of me
On exam day, I wrote all of me
I then knew the teachers are mean
When an inventor was called a novice
A novice in what he had made…

Every Reasons To Hate You

I have every reasons to hate you
Right from day one donkey years back
You lied to me you had him
When you just a lonely cat that lacks,
..love; but in my eyes you saw all
Yet on your choice you oppressed lucks.

Years of maybe, no and yes
Running places, in my ears
Singing pains and fears
….. ‘He has a ship of sheep’
A thousand reasons to hate you
Because your love is cheap.

In his physiological heart,
You are just one of the blood cells
That pass through
Same paths others came and gone
“Is it love you question”
My dear, I have every reasons to hate you.

Let’s Be Friends

Everyman if given a clay,
Would mould their perfect lady…
So I was given a clay and magic fingers
To do justice to my dreams…
With all my accomplish skills
All I created were perfect ladies
Distinction in all parameters
My craft they saw is always the best…

…But what I saw in a midnight session
Was a combination
Of purity, sacred and perfect imperfection
I didn’t mould you, I never could….
Each time I tried I failed
Binaries couldn’t work the magic
I created perfection that never had a link
Lets be friends…

Doctors can’t heal this sickness
Preaching wouldn’t stop the sins
Calculators can’t solve your maths
No one can weave your mats
Where there are birds, there are nest…
I know you are already taken
I fight till I’m forsaken
But for now, let’s be friends.

I hate to love you

…… I hate to love!!!
… My eyes, nose and both lips too
Involuntarily ligates by affection of you.

…… I so hate to love
… My brain identity and heart catch a flu
Increasing in activity each time I think of you.

…… I so much hate to love
… Maybe because you are emotionally wicked too
Intentionally not willing to know I really love you… 

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