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My life has been turned inside out
My scream is a soundless shout
Ever since babies are grown on trees
And diamonds breakable with ease.

Many say I am destiny’s doom foot
Maybe the truth is on their tooth
Ever since lies became the truth
And the future is a history of the past.

May I ask you to be hurt
Multiple times that you can’t count
Every and all spots should leave scars
… Aren’t you scared now of the remarks?

Maybe the truth is bad after all
Most especially if it isn’t big and tall
Emulate my self-destructive past
And return died living in the past.

Devils Address

If you have the Devils addresses
Tell him that I have got new dresses
Made off the spreads of mattress
Same mattress I laid all years
That soaked pain sweats and tears.

Tell him I’ve grown in challenges
That I’m used to living in hells
So used to what negative tells
Worst is the shoes over my tantrum foots
I’m never to be hurt by the heat of hells.

Sonnet of admirations 2

That lady is you
An erratic Princess,
Sporadic babe,
Intermittent lady, and
An uncommon female…
With a valuable and
Scarce intelligence
My navigator to greatness
My confidence in fullness
My dream paradise sickness
My hope to live forever bless
Your face shines like the sun’s….
Reflection saying…

“My admiration is fun.”

Sonnet of admirations

Do you know the beats
Unto which trees dances
In the air it peacefully floats
Like weightless objects
Relaxing on water surfaces
Admired by the seduction of cats
On its feet, are strong roots
Tapping the admirations
Of an erratic Princess,
For she’s a sporadic babe,
Intermittent lady, and
An uncommon female…
With a valuable and
Scarce intelligence.

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