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Come to think of it,
No one is beautiful in the dark
No one is an Ocean that never lacks
No eye sees its every back
No one knows all about his very self
These are what I consider dark.

Can a man live without a sin?
No no no! The answers shall sing
No man can singly bring forth a child
No man can boast of a shadow free
No scar in the dark but
To every light there is a corresponding darkness.

Care of
Nothing but obstruction in the dark
No game wins without a goal
No perfect and stainless married life
No one can be
The most beautiful and perfect at same time.

Could darkness be a curse to light?
No one factor shines forever
None; as holy as the Holy Bible
None: but if you find
That thing might be a unicorn

Never existed and
Can’t be in the dark.

Cyanide Love

Now that valentine day is yesterday
Birds on nest what happens next?
Just let it be, maybe but would it be
An error or a world without a mirror.

Everyday even yesterday
She kneels on her heels
Not praying but cleaning
The mess from dropped eggs.

Everyday she says
I love you to a lion
Feeding him directly to mouth
With her hands; bit by bit
Love skins her alive
Like deer in a lion den
She feels defenceless and weak but
This sickness is her usual fitness.

Sniffing too often
Breathing too heavily
Giddiness and headaches
Those are the symptoms: doctor says.

Today it is vertigo
She knew long ago,
Just like human and raffinose
Unbreakable in the digestive track

This unbreakable love
Has gone deep down that track
Engraved and imprinted in her
That’s all she knows.

Tomorrow’s emotion
Certainly will bring confusion,
What worse could happen
When treating flatulence by wearing a lens?

She truly perceives no oxygen
Looming in the air but something
Mistaken for love in the air called cyanide
Too late, she has inhaled all of it.

Now that valentine day is yesterday
Birds on nest what happens next?
Just let it be, maybe but would it be
An error or a world without a mirror.

Journey Of Love; My Valentine

Every distance I cover
I feel that you are the word love
Deserving dove
Butterfly kisses,
Apple shaped heart
Every distance I cover.

Online and offline
Precious time
Not sure but
My friend I choose you
Again and Again
And Again!

Bad roads, stormy clouds
Seas, Air or land
I will not give up that
That dwells in my chest
For it’s a navigator of my destiny
As I journey down the path of love
Travelling beside you
Everyday and forever
Hope we get there someday
Because I love you
More than love to a valentine’s day
Forever and always.

Joshua’s Cigarrette

Mixed with a couple of things
Joshua is one lonely ace
Who stays over the base,
Five miles away.

Smoky clouds over his base
Much for his innocent face
No cigar in-between his lips?
Then you’ve not seen any of his pace.

“Josh is a case
Stay off his shameful base”
Folks warns their kids
Who knits to his lace.

Joshua knows the significance
To every pair in Noah’s ark
Hoping love flood would quench
Every bit of flame down to ashes.

Keeping his fingers cross
Like a pistol,
In and out
The cigarette goes

Joshua takes a drag
He looks at the leaflet
“Smoker are liable to death”
With a deep breath

Shaking his head
He takes another drag
If love be so sure,
It better quench this flame.

Dear February

On the last day of January
My mail buzzed
A message alert… whose?

Written to me in bruise
Agony in every word on the subject
I did sense a solitary lifer

“Leave my calendar:”
What a reject;

    ‘White bandages and patches
    You’ve left me torn and battered
    It is high time
    A dumb utters
    An expression
    To tell you:

    How much I truly hate you’

Could it be that expensive?
…This I wondered

Like a toper
Reading aloud
The blue on blue lines

And soliloquizing
If it was meant for me

“Leave my calender
Dear February”,
It truly addressed:

  • Verse II
    1. ‘You have been so unfair to me
      If you may don’t be dismay
      Close your eyes and

      Hit the hay
      For I’ve had your day
      Celebrated in an unusual custom

      Sat all night and day
      Torn between you and reality
      Wondering why

      No cards or a drawn heart
      Candies, flowers, or a mere gift
      I guess I am

      A love bird
      Without a love poem.

      I hate to say it, but I know
      Several reasons I hate
      Is that my birds no longer mate

      On your fourteenth day
      Yet to me you say,
      “Fourteenth is your day”.

  • Verse III
    1. Dear February
      Why would you say
      Love be shown
      To me…
      Only on a val day?
      Why would you?

      Dear February belive me
      You are nothing but agony
      Puncturing me like nails to tyres
      My heart they call a colander
      Retains nothing
      But bruises bump by blunders.

      In and out
      Love passes me through
      Battered yet
      Cupid patches…
      Every single one of it
      Giving me a motif of colours

      I have to get use to it
      Leave my calender
      Dear February

      God saves the best
      Of all,
      Red’s still the colour
      Guess that’s the reason
      I bleed
      Dear February

      Who is my val this time
      Let em’ come in
      Love and leave.

    Unintentional Existence: Life mate

    Lift not a shoulder
    We all in same shoes
    From the oldest to newborn
    Life holds us in custodial

    Famous or unfamiliar
    Equal we are by the air we breathe
    Royal or loyal
    This opportunity wasn’t ours to pick

    Leader or follower
    In life we are same conductor
    Behind bars or total liberty
    We are all fellow lifers

    Saint or sinner
    We are not God
    But mates
    In this prison called life

    We are all equal
    Be you rich
    Be you poor
    Be you “you” or be you “me”.

    Unintentional Existence: A Mother’s Love

  • Verse I.
  • She is a mother
    Her weakness gets her stronger
    Like the world seven ancient wonders
    Her love is the Pyramids of Egypt: one true wonder
    Lasting and standing forever.

    She gives words from her heart
    Fuelled by the deepest candid
    God blind me!
    Every eye that sees
    Sure knows- she is love
    That never disappears
    Like the rest six ancient wonder.
    If your love is like hers
    No one will be unable to call to mind
    Not even a brain feather.

    A mother’s love for a child
    Is more stronger than bonds that bind.
    Like elephants will smell water from far afield
    Mother’s love for a child is indeed
    The only love blind to ever find.

  • Verse II.
  • Her love is syrupy sweet
    Daytime, she comforts him
    Like moth that clings to lawn
    Nighttime, she’s there to guide
    Like groove directing movement;

    She is not just a mammy,
    She is the child’s impression
    She’s part of the Childs’ gene
    The cast in the movie “natural life “
    The best thing next to him in life:

    If she could she would
    Deter dehydrogenase from action
    For her love is an alcohol of passion
    That shouldn’t be transformed
    For whatsoever fashion:

    On her arms she rocks her child
    One more drunk she permits,
    One of the ways she proves
    A mother’s love is
    The only love blind to ever find.

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