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Tales Of A Wife: Character

Everyday the moon goes to the other side
The hatred in me always tend to hide
Each time I think of a lady so fine
Not because I may or even fall in love
But because she has a thing to solve.

Every time the white is pot deep black
Mesmerised is a thing I just don’t lack
Not because she’s beauty wonderful sack
Or because her cornea is so just white
But because she is her mothers own child.

Every moment the wind and her pass by
I feel she’s an angel somehow lost on earth
Discovery for all, possession I patent
Well there’s a character in her I so adore
Bring her to me, that character is what I love.

Expression Eruption: Apologies

It’s the future right heartfelt action for a past;
…coming from an heavy heart.

Sorry if I ever wronged you or broke a heart
Sorry to those I will disappoint down my path.

All the dumb drunken apologies in the past
Was a heat from a peace burning iron kite.

Juggling in axed words full of disrespect
So saucy! so rude; and so …arrogant.

You’ve got a right to keep things in mind
Apology is a soul of transparency searched and found.

Sorry if I ever left you lonely in the dark
Don’t say bye; for anger is red and not a light…

Friend stay forever, even when it bends
…Forget foes, the path we cross shouldn’t end.

Expression Eruption: Golden Rule

You will never walk down the aisle
If all your taste must be perfect
Bet me, you wouldn’t, it’s a fact.
Be decisive, subira is patience
But don’t spray off all its dime
On a lovelorn path just to make a rhyme.

Without a verb, love is an empty cage
Locked outside yet birds are not free to fly
But out they sneak to beds, where they wish to lie.
Be decisive, Ndidi is patience
Don’t chase the wind with a paper dime
No one has ever made such a rhyme.

Don’t waste your time
Trying to find or change
The taste of a lime
Or the colour of the Sun
The Golden Rule is:
Be friendly to those who befriends you.

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