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Tales Of A wife: Shaded eyes

I wondered why she always smile
If its beautiful, the eyes would lie
Fallen; she’s this picturesque scenic
God cursed angels for her sake.

I wondered why I can’t look at her
If her gaze is on my way
Fine-looking brightness of the sun
Go and check, but use a shade.

Unrest Soul: Imperfection

If things under the Sun is faultless,
No one or country needs the medics,
Nor a law for enforcers or twisted justice…

If perfection is alive under the Sun
No man shall read a varying clock
Nor weep when microbes feed.

Tales Of A Wife: Love Calabash

Love Calabash

Love Calabash

Our love is the pleasure of a flying white dove
Our love is evenly matched like a fitted fist and glove
Our love is on earth and heaven forever a glow
When we degenerate and reincarnates whoever
We shall still be no matter the boundaries
We shall still be destined on same pathway of forever.

When we degenerate, if none reincarnates
We shall bud up from dust and winds
We shall sprung up a sucker of trees
Our love shall be conserved for the heavens to see
Our heart shall budge into the tallest of mountains
Our saliva kisses shall flow in springs and seas

Our cuddles shall be rooted like rigid trees
Our love malignantly shall vitally spread
Over and around an infinite tall stem
We shall cuddle ourselves while heavens breathe
Wind and stormy weathers shall do nothing but aid our growth
We in the pot of love as spices
On earth and up in heaven
Or if they decide to tear or fall
It is you, only you and you in love calabash
I will always and forever love; ‘oh! yes I do’.

Tales Of A Wife: Close To You

Beat her with a toothless tongue
She’s an egg threat her right or
Keep her guided like a property
Dig with a shovel never call it a spade.

Be her friend lover and oracle
Sibyl hides in her hiding eyes.
Shake her hair to drive a fly
Dishabille, she’s yours so she sit close to you.

Book and Reader

The writers didn’t go mad writing it;
Transiently for awhile or ever
Torero! If you the readers do, well;
Then… You are: on your own.

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