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Blackboy’s Respect

I know a gentle rugged little tall man
Beautiful and ugly dull and smart but with a plan
And got no regards for smile, cry or hiss

He is popularly called an inevitable
A type every Sane forbids its likable
He is he and she that sleeps with all sexes.

The only respect he gives to us
When all is back to void before us
We die blind and don’t see our lifeless selves.

Before The Epithalamium

When you are of age
Do you rather get a bank engage
To first block the leakage
Or catch a bird and place in cage
Then boldly turn the leather page
Gathering friends to scene ‘Marriage’
Without a gallon of fuel to get the mileage?

To me, it works with love as life empowers
And life is a counterexample employer;
It pays as demanded by its worker…
‘So give thou an huge some of naira
And thou shalt marry this era’
That is what I tell people
Whose questions comes as ripples…

Love by destitute wrinkles and crumples
By words of over-simple examples
So it isn’t a go after the nipples
Or a denial because of a pimple
Nor acceptance because of a dimple
Money builds a pillar: simple!
Wealth alone wouldn’t tear a temple.

So let me work hard for thy kin sake
To provide a pan for thy baking cake
Sleep is for the future it isn’t bad to stay awake
And restock fishes in every dam and lake
Which might not make love original neither fake
But I shall work hard for thy kindred sake
And a gallon of fuel, thou shalt not be forsake.

Poetic Heart

In life; even as a Child,
It took poetry before I show my teeth.
Nothing can ever make me hide-
My heart from drumming for it.

She is my compassionate love
She gives me excitement to climax…
Nothing makes me love a dove
More than holding her survival axe.

She is my only square peg
Socket deep into my square hole
Precisely she’s my head to leg
Poetry is my body and soul.

Online Romance

This isn’t a poem but one lagging nine
I’ve met so many tempting berries online
Taste maybe sweet with attitude not ugly but fine.

Constant desires and admirations redefine
I’ve never seen nor tasted the tenth wine
Yet every moment comes another none decline.

Nothing can be quantified in moments recombine
Every seconds we chat we turn into mine…
A companion, in details trustfully we confine.

Every salt that made the water saline
We spotted on each others bony spine
Whatever it is; out the pipe, it flows like urine.

I’ve met so many pretty faces online
It pains me meeting another red wine
I will never drink of or meet in time.

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