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After life

After life, please find attached the invoices
Of inventories and crying laughing voices
On the Sands of time, made of choices.

Being persistent, every debts were paid
Boys are men so the ladies sang and said
While the ants turn birds, thus got made.

For history don’t care the number of trials
Flowers don’t fly but are seen in the skies
Floating not as a birds but in tears

Nor as Eagle or Hawks with a Raven eyes
But from a Plantation of low and highs…
Boldly colorful, that even when dry never dies.


Isn’t it naturally beautiful
The world is empty but full
That nothing dull is a fool
Big or small, made of His tool
In a manner He wish to pursue

The day breaks, funny it is
The night fix a pain while a Snake hiss
The birds may not at such hour sing but kiss
There’s more to the stem and leaf of trees
Then togetherness for that is what Love is.

No matter the rest, the Zebra is weak
But it’s skin and look is so unique
The Ostrich is the largest of beaks
But it’s neck an Eagle can twist and pick
There is a reason that we are all unique.

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