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Having this kiss

Public display, has its nay says
Pictures portray, food on a tray
People will lie, about their lives;
After all, in a silent night,
Different sounds, whispers loud.

So I had to, dig through my holes
To see my cards, and scores I had
Holding a graph of my life biff
Awesome I saw; heart, health and wealth
Climbing to the top, across gradient.

Nothing as sweet as aligned dots
In clear vision, where religion,
Career, coupled with a mission
Aligns with love on a straight line;
I am lucky to have this kiss.

Onyeche Vincent Onyekachuwku

Good and bad tales of the wind

Air we fancy has its bad tales
Volatile gases, on a large scale.

Breeze in motion, are also rude
In direction and magnitude.

Remember too, it is not just
An evil tool, of storm and dust.

Strength of gales, can cause good effects
It also disperse seeds of plants

Sometimes it bleeds, hurricane slits
But sailors needs, the storm to sail.

All fishes may have gills but not scales,
Air we fancy has its good tales.

Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

A letter to every girl

Are you shy as the bongo
Because you’re not a fine fox
And flatness are of the mango
Hanging front of your hairy chest.

Like a wheel, others revolve
Hence you go for implantation,
Adding garlics to your clove
In both physical and imagination.

Flat tummy, your profound urge
Others pass, you go hissing
Why are you red and easily purge
Over apples that are not spinning.

Endowment in a true sense;
Is a little more on the left
That causes a little less
Of mass and weight on the right.

All you think is to impress,
When every woman is not a wife
Hope you know, it’s not by dress
But impartation you make in life.

Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

Peck of destruction

In a process called ovulation
An egg begins with yolk formation
Mass of cells, vying for possession.

Then it rolls on for fertilization;
Whether or not there is such an action,
The egg rolls on with a passion.

Shells are formed for protection
Should embryo grow in incubation
Chick will hatch from peck of destruction.

But there is this contradictions
Of nature, culture and tradition
Arising through globalization

Spreading from internet connection,
Everyone rise with fun like vacations;
Abandoning baby-step rules and mission.

These days people, condemn bus stations
They roll in fast lanes of expectations
With a notion, success isn’t by preparation.

Everything is off, dance steps in seizures
Seems like abnormality is a leisure,
Broken are eggs, without yolk formation.

Road to stardom, no longer incubation
Even without due fertilization
Eggs now get, chick’s pecks of destruction.

Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

With age comes patience

“Taking me back in time
Before I and enthusiasms
Had a misunderstanding
Under the Sun I was stunned
By new inventories I was told
…I couldn’t wait to see, shoes I mould.

Taking me back in time
When good morals were a chime
And bad attitudes were a crime…
Every girl to me was a food
Clothed but I drew her nude
Let’s call my imagination rude.

Taking me back in time
When I guided my love gates
Holding on to things I felt
Young blood, passionate and
Captivated by stainless plates
Until I used ceramics on a date.

Patience became a favorite tool
And all I have to always pull
Aging in grace, moulding shoes…
Taking me back in time
When the world was mine”
An old man affectionately rhymed.

Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

Nigeria: Dear President B.

From a brooms stick to a bear;
We die, you dine and share
Our heritage, sitting on a chair.

We cry and shrink, yet you jeer
“Boys, take them far from here
Their tears ain’t welcome in here”.

Election comes we turn pair?
Please let me be crystal clear
Ain’t nothing new for ears to hear.

Do your worst make it flare
There ain’t nothing of you I fear..
Revolution, for loins and deer

Worse you can do is mar and tear
And on my scars, you drink a beer
But you ain’t going nowhere…

It may not sound all that fair
But the dirt that roam in the air
Has massed up pains hard to bear.

Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

Creator’s Computers

Believing He hears us when we speak
Whether aloud, muttering in brink
Life is an Ocean, so float or sink.
Note; we are all to death, a fink
Sets of computers, with varying kinks;
Aren’t you freaked out by such tricks?

I hope it is yes, because life is a jink
Captivating like Webfoot’s mink
I am me, eyes of me, several blinks.
Loosing my nerves, while I think
Ocean’s colors, pathways and link
Do you too see beyond the pink?

Exploring, my brain attempts to shake
These dead ends, are firewalls I think
Setting a limitation with my inks
Drawing and writing, all I think
But when I paint, I fall to my dink
Wondering about the water I drink.

Should the world, crash and shrink
Or burn and turn to void, a staking rink
Will all wonders and mystries just wink
And fade away like it never blinked
I hope these Firewalls falls or leaks
So I can visualize the things you think.

Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

Fork fingers

This life has fork fingers
Branching off to ringer
In the minds of thinkers
Making them to linger
On that morrow offers.

Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

Egg on our faces

How do we know the rotten eggs
When there are no water or bowls
To submerge them; for bad to float

How do we know the rotten eggs
When the hen, church and bows
Can’t identify its arrows, eggs and saints.

Hence soon as they win an election
Woefully, they throw eggs on our faces
Cementing it with the dust and flours

Hoarding us from our expectations
While they mess up our senses…
To embezzle our heaps to the floor.

Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

Cosmic Dust

Big dreams are power,
With such a great wealth
That surrounds the heart,
With a cosmic dust.

Seen as out of space,
Though without regret
For allergies fade,
Beside such a faith…

People may tag it;
“A mental disorder”
Many describe it
As delusion of grandeur”.

Note; brain cells are like
The nuts and the screws
Functioning in trends
To the tune of dreams…

Walk bold in tunnels,
Yield not to panic
“No light at the end…

Pay deaf ear to such
But keep moving on
Until the unit dust
Condenses to planet…

Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu
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