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Expression Eruption: Ancestors songs

Look deep into the eyes of the Sun
Never end the challenge you begun
Especially when shades can be worn.
We are steps, our children should climb on
The ancestors aren’t dead they watch on
Our struggles on earth and accomplishment.

Did you die? Cheer up life has rebegun
Yes it all ends, with or without a gun
Give praise, bullets are made for a gun.
Child: You are my homespun leather skin
The world is a sea, see and swim
Life is experienced, it isn’t cheap but a ship-

Bosun you are! So direct your path
Millions contended: yet you won your part
With a spirit of never give-up by my artefact
You swam slowly straight into her tiny egg
Our biochemistry gave you a childish leg
Child: watch with a sense, it is your edge!

Walk and work, if you die, life is an unending part
What memories, art and act
Should the Earthworm seize not to hear?
Should the ancestors cry that you wreck its’ height?
Or should they sing that you added more blocks?
Child: live a life that leaves for your child to peacefully live.


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