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Making sweet love…

From hypnotise to trance, I ‘ll take time
And all my senses to listen carefully
To her body languages and cravy needs;
I will put her to bed and take her to prime
Driving her third eyes into holy ecstasy;
Gently, I will kiss her soft ruby lips
And gloss, be it slimy, lemon or lime.

I will tickle her cylindrical neck
While sucking sweet goodness
On and off her milky soft breast;
With me, she will never bend or break
While I seriously touch her nakedness;
I will generously put her tears to rest
By giving her sweet love without a break.

I will kiss her navel and stomach
Flat, till it grows big into bumps
By digging face into her righteous crouch;
I will search for estasy of the highest rank
While I lick her inner out like five dogs;
In loudness and in a church holy hush,
I will love her to full from an empty sack.

I will suck her nipples like a child
Rub and kiss her lofty apple bottom
Suck her fingers, wrist, feet and toes;
I will smooch, and get her cuddled
On and off the beds till the birds hum;
I shall take her body and soul to ecstasies
While making love to the lady of my fond.


  1. Siegel says:

    Lovely ecstasy

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  2. farinluck2017 says:


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  3. Love you, a big fan.

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