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Same direction

On a blue hot stove, the slower it burns
Most often, the most effective it becomes.

Truth be told, the faster the heart flames,
The weeker the feelings or quicker it fades.

In emotion, please never move fast in hurries
Let’s leap and take steps in same directions.

Let’s search for apples, bonds, and grow fonder
Joined with shrieks of beautiful laughter.

Let’s push, pull and shove our shoulder
Faultless expectations, away we shall surrender

In freedom, let’s define our present mission
Holding on for eachother’s perfection

Sited on same plains, plans and attention
Let’s share one body, soul and complexion

Back to back, eyes fixed on a rollercoaster
In emotion let’s stare at the same direction.


  1. Ipuna Black says:

    You touch on deep subjects. Well done.

    Liked by 1 person


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